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Subj: Re: What's wrong with spreading the wealth?
Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 02:17:25 pm EDT (Viewed 879 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What's wrong with spreading the wealth?
Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 10:57:42 am EDT

> > > > I'm sorry, but this notion that people should have complete control over their finances yet want a stable government is egocentric nonsense. If the government doesn't take steps to help people in need then what's the point of having a government or law? Let's just have anarchy where only the strong survive.
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> > > So in your view, people who are successful should be punished for being more successful than someone who can't keep a steady job or take low-paying jobs because they don't want to work hard?
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> >
> > ***I do not think it is punishment at all. You make money. You pay taxes. That money goes to many things that help all people, Fire Dept's, the wars etc etc...If you are rich then you pay more taxes because you are rich and can afford it. I do not understand what is so evil about that. The wealthiest 1% makes more money than the bottom 50%...How can this country have soo many billionaires and have extremely high child poverty as well? I do not think that is what this country is all about.
> >
> How does raising taxes on one person while creating refundable tax credits for someone who does not pay taxes help pay for fire depts and war?

***The people who you say do not pay taxes are in the Joe the plumber who owes taxes.

To counter your statistics the top 5% of income earners pay about 60% of the total tax bill where the bottom 50% pay about 3% of the bill and about 30% of income earners pay no income tax at all.

***Those bottom 50% is it because they choose not to pay taxes or is it because they cannot afford it? statistics can be tricky because I guarantee you the top 5% are fine with the amount of tax they pay, and if a little more taxes means they might not get the yacht they want this year, or they might have to hold out on their 4th mansion...then so be it. As for those that pay no income tax at all...don't you have to pay taxes? If not you go to jail? I am asking because I am not sure how that works.

A good number of that 30% probably also receive the current refundable tax credits so they are taking from the system not adding to it. Just because someone has money withheld from their check each pay period for federal w/h it does not mean they are a taxpayer.
> You also need to remeber that many of those billionaires started up companies that hire thousands of people. Take away the incentive to make more money and many companies will not grow and create new jobs.

***I see what you are saying but people would stop the expansion of their company because they would have to pay more taxes? Going by that logic. I have a choice of not creating jobs for more people, so that they could make a living and feed their families because if I do my taxes will go up another 3% or I could help out a lot more people and take the 3% tax increase. To me...the choice is clear. I am not a tax expert per say but that seems to be the idea that I keep hearing.

> I believe Bil Gates has made many an employee richer because he had the incentive to grow his business and early employees enjoyed that growth to create wealth for them.

***and that is awesome, but that is also an exception to the rule. Pay more taxes and help more people while not really losing much yourself or purposely not make more money, so that less people will be hired, and you won't have to pay more taxes...It just doesn't sound right to do the latter. It actually sounds unpatriotic to do the latter. I think we all can agree that the Bush tax cut have done nothing but make the deficit larger and put the burden on the middle class. I am just ready for change and I personally like Obama's plan, because it will benefit me and most people I now that do not make quarter of a million dollars a year.

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