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Subj: Re: Unemployment sucks...
Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 11:10:07 pm EDT (Viewed 508 times)
Reply Subj: Unemployment sucks...
Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 10:26:18 am EDT (Viewed 682 times)

    So... it's nearly ten months since I lost my job. And, after ten months of job-searching, there are no sights of me getting employed anywhere...

    You'd think that sending over 200 job applications would get me invited to at least one job interview... and you'd be wrong. I'm sending this stuff week after week and... no response whatsoever. It's not only that I don't end up being hired - but it looks like no employer has ever found my application even remotely worthwhile.

    Come on, what's wrong with me? I've got university-level education, I know two foreign languages and have short, but diverse job experience, having worked in fields such as mental health, charity and journalism. I even have a scientific paper published, as well as a comic book short story viewable on the Internet. And it's not like the recession hit Poland hard - our economy is going pretty well, considering the circumstances.

    So... why I still cannot find any sort on employment..?

    Aaaaaargh. Some lifting of the spirit would be very welcome here, people...

What field are you looking to break into?

I'm not sure if I can offer a pep talk but I can offer what happened to me.

Five or so years ago I got into a major car crash totaled my car and had to drop out of the university I was going to because it was 40 miles from home and I commuted. Four or so years ago my girlfriend left me for my best friend (they're now happily married...not that I'm bitter...ok I am). I lost my job a few months later where I worked at this shitty call center offering tech support to Bellsouth DSL customers...worse job I ever had. If anyone remembers the bizarre story I mentioned in previous posts about my father's paternity and that revelation destroying my father's side of the family...that happened around this time too. I developed a slight drinking problem and experimented with pot...basically I was depressed and in a downward spiral. That horrible job at the call center with its horrible pay and horrible people eventually made me realize that maybe I could do this computer stuff for a career and not have to work at a shitty call center (oh and did I mention the general manager and assistant manager of the evil call center were married and moved in right next door to me. Only to me do these things happen). Determined to turn my life around I stopped partying and I got a Pell Grant and went to a technical college to study for computers. I graduated there with 2 associates degrees about two and half years ago and never made a grade below a B. I was then in a catch-22 situation. I wanted to break into the IT field but to do so I would need the experience but no one would hire me without the experience. I went through a non-pay intership with my local school system's IT department...hated it. I hate dealing with children and I hated my of my co-workers would go on and on about how he wants to kill his ex-wife another one was on probation for theft but his mommy worked there so he got a job...oh and my supervisor was the father of a guy I went to high school with. He got his son a job to and I would have to help the son down at the downtown office...did I mention this dude used to cheat off my paper in high school...and he was telling me what to do? Anyways I made a couple friends in the department two of them were black guys named Derek and another Darius. One of them suggested I try out for this internship that the city had. I did and suffered through 11 months of another internship with no benefits and little pay (hey at least this time I did get paid). Once a co-worker in the city go promoted I applied for his old position and now I make twice what I made at that shitty call center job. I recently had to get a certification to stay employed but now that I've done that I feel a lot better about my job and my career path. I found out after I got the full position why I was ever offered the internship and later the full time position in the first place. My supervisor also worked as a professor at one of the other colleges in my town. Unknown to me my two friends from the previous internship were in his class and he asked them if I was hard worker when he got my application. They put in a good word for me. I found this several months after I had started the full time position.

There have been so many times where I've doubted myself or wanted to just give up but I stuck with it. I had this weird epiphany where I realized nothing will ever come easy for get anything worth a damn in my life I've usually had to suffer and learn things the hard way. It's my lot in life.

Interesting sidebar: the guy I was in competition for during the full time position interview eventually became my best bud at work. There are two people who have the specialist position in my IT department. Me and this guy. I got my job when a co-worker moved up, when another co-worker moved up they hired the other guy (he had to re-interview though). When he didn't get the job the first time around he doubted himself. We're both big fans of that show Lost and we both have commented on how that show's theme of everything happens for a reason applies to our friendship and our jobs. I had to go through all that crap of my ex-girlfriend dumping me, my family disintegrating, two annoying internships to get where I was, he had to go through 4 years of working at a job he hated and getting rejected the first time around to finally break into the IT field but we both did it, got to meet and become buddies.

I hate to be one of those cliched people who says things happen for a reason (I'm an atheist) but in the past two years I've felt something, It's hard to describe. But just you know...this feeling...that everything I've gone through has been preparing me for something. That life isn't always blind dumb luck. I used to be the type of person that felt all my choices were always made for me...that there was no point in deciding anything because cruel fate was going to decide for me anyways...and I was miserable. I felt the universe was out to get me.

When I was at that university my major was psychology and I try to imagine what my life would have been like if I had to endure a job in that field. I don't think I would have enjoyed it. My ex-girlfriend leaving me...probably a good thing. When she was around I didn't push myself. I was passive. Her dumping me and making me feel worthless (eventually) lit the fire under my ass to get me to improve my life.

Best advice I can give: Internships. When I interned for my city I made a point to make as many people in the city government like me and to prove to people that the IT department was there to help (we have this one co-worker who sort of brings down the image of the IT department...he isn't very helpful or polite or knowledgeable...he's downright socially retarded...but his mom works in one of our departments so whatever).

My two internship gave me experience. That experience got me a full time job with good benefits.

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