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Subj: and I'll always disagree with him
Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 at 01:58:36 pm EDT (Viewed 780 times)
Reply Subj: I normally disagree with you....
Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 at 11:21:24 am EDT (Viewed 34 times)


      Wow stop the presses! Bill cosby has spoken up about a racial issue and sided with those of us who saw the Joe Wilson debacle like it was, a bigoted racilly charged moment in it's purest form, if not then we must admit to a few BIG coincidences, first black president, first time that i can remember a president being called a liar to his face in front of the entire assembly of the house and senate by a member of congress, but the powers that be still believe that you can spit on my hand and say it's raining or more to the point that "there was nothing racial about that" please.... he would not have done that to ANY past president, so now that Bill Cosby a once conservative talking head darling do to his "speaking out" on the plight of black youth has broken ranks by declaring this a racial incident how quick before the right wing label him? Some guest on o'reilly have all ready expressed their disappointment in his remarks, and it's funny how a racist like bill o'reilly dismisses every incident of racism as "silly" they have effectively created an atmosphere where racism can be practiced without them ever having to be called on it, like the "9-12" project by saying "it's only the fringe" when people hold signs about the POTUS questioning whether or not he was born here or saying that he's in with the terrorist or that he's a muslim as if there's something wrong with being a muslim, but of course thats just the "fringe" of the right wing and not the whole party, hmm I wonder why the the same "that doesnt represent the whole group" doesnt apply to acorn, oh well thats another post.

I saw an article on with the headline "Is the race card played too much?" and thought of you.

I also remember you saying that you weren't going to start any more race threads. What happened to that?

The problem with calling Wilson a racist because of this example, means that you have to be 100% certain that if Obama was white, he wouldn't have made that comment. I don't see how anyone can say that seriously.

I'd also degree with remarks that since he is a member of the "Sons of the Confederacy" group, which has known racists, that he is somehow racist as well. That doesn't mean anything.

Presidents have been insulted by members of Congress numerous times in the past, so this is nothing new.

    ...but this time I don't. It was the height of disrespect what Wilson did. Sadly enough I'm sure the people now donating to his campaign because of his lack of tact are as racist as you would expect them to be.

I'd agree it was disrespectful, and his apology was complete crap. But it he will probably lose his next election because of it.

    I liked how Obama showed class by simply refuting that it was a lie and just moved on with his speech.

Obama also stated that race had nothing to do with it. I'm not sure how else Obama responded to this incident, or how he refuted the "lie".

The issue Wilson has is that before all of this, the Democrats refused to put in specific legislation that would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving these benefits, as documentation of citizenship was not required. But after this incident, the Democrats put this clause into the document, so in effect, Wilson won.

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