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Subj: Re: and I'll always disagree with him
Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 at 07:59:18 pm EDT (Viewed 576 times)
Reply Subj: Re: and I'll always disagree with him
Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 at 05:55:53 pm EDT (Viewed 599 times)

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    So mjyoung says i play the "race card", well let me explain the "race card". If I am speeding through a school zone, and a cop stops me and cites me, and i scream "you just stopped me because im black" THEN im playing the race card, if i get fired from a job, for being lazy and the evidence shows that im lazy and i scream you fired me because im black THEN im playing the race card. Pointing out blatant examples of racial injustice or bigotry is not playing the race card, you may not agree with me and thats fine, personally I think the tables have simply been turned, someone has figured out that if you accuse people of playing the race card then you can turn a legitimate claim of racism into someone simply crying wolf, and i gotta hand it to ya, it's a good tactic, it's like Bill O'reilly insulting the patrons of Sylvia's soul food restaurant then saying "oh that's just silly" when he's called on it. Your logic has flaws in it. I dont need to be 100 percent certain, im not 100 percent certain that the men that beat emmett till to death for whistling at a white woman would have reacted differently had emmett till been white but "if" my aunt had nads she'd be my uncle, mjyoung tell me this if you can, name for
    me another time in THAT setting that a congressman has so disrepected the POTUS, maybe Joe Wilson's belonging to the Sons of the Confederaacy doesnt make him a racist but it sure doesnt help, nor does saying that Racist Hypocrite Strom Thurmond's daughter(the black one) should have kept quiet because she's a "taint" on his legacy, i think his actions speak louder than i ever could, tell you what when my son can go into his own driveway without fear of being shot by a cop because he's driving his OWN car who the cop thinks is stolen even though he has no proof of it and shoot him on the ground no less THEN i'll shut up about race, not one minute more, oh by the way that's a true story, happened to a young man in Bellaire Texas

First, learn to write. It's actually pretty painful to read your posts, regardless of it's actual content. Things like paragraphs are nice.

I never said you were playing the race card in my previous post, I simply stated that you continuously and exclusively only make posts concerning race on this board. This is also contrary to your previous statement that you weren't going to create any new race related posts. So in effect, "you lie!"

But yes, even here you are playing the race card. You brought Obama's race into the issue, where it previously was not. Just as how if you were pulled over by a cop or fired from your job, and you brought up the fact that you were black, would also be "playing the race card". Again, you would have to be confident that if Obama was white, Wilson wouldn't have made that comment. I don't think you can say that for certain. Even Obama said that it wasn't racially motivated and that his race was not the prominent issue here.

Historically, Congress has been much more extreme in their attitudes not just towards the President, but other Congressmen as well. In the past Congressmen have dueled/and killed, assaulted, and even insulted each other. As for insulting the President, it happens all the time. For specific examples, just take Kerry when he was campaigning against Bush, where you have Kerry admitting that he is insulting Bush ("I insulted Bush"). And it's common place for an opponent to state a sitting President is unfit for office. There were many insults to Clinton during his impeachment process. Bush called Clinton a bozo. Peolosi stated that Bush was "an incompetent leader," a "man with no judgment" and a "liar."

If you are asking has a sitting member of congress ever publicly said "you lie" to a President while addressing Congress in a joint session and on national television while discussing his health care reform bill, I would guess not. If your point is that no other Congressmen has done it on live television, I'm not sure how that should matter.

Your issue is that Wilson committed an irresponsible act against the office of the presidency, but this is nothing new.

I didn't realize that we where on here to give reading and writing lessons, but so be it. I guess that's what happens when you don't have an intelligent retort to very simple points, you personally attack.

So for YOU mjyoung, here are some paragraphs, do I need to indent them as well? Believe it or not I can if you need me to.

Since you just repeated your original points there is really no need to go back over them, I guess Jimmy Carter was playing the card as well and so was Bill Cosby, oh well i'm not wasting any more time on you. I'd rather talk with someone who can debate in an intelligent manner even if he disagress with me.

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