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Subj: Re: Jesus and Race
Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 at 11:01:34 am EDT (Viewed 550 times)
Reply Subj: Jesus and Race
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As a non Christian, Muslim or Jew- Jesus has no relation to my religious beliefs. However I find it interesting that he is depicted as white man in most images I have seen of him. As a Palestinian Jew surely he would have been arab looking? What do other board members think?

mmm hard to say... Most jews today come from the lines of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. All are very white today though the jews who remained in the eastern mediterranean look mediterranean... so i would venture to say Mediterranean looking proably close to what you would find .

Also it was once widely accepted that races derived from biblical decent of the races
Ham= The blacks and later Australians aborigines too
Shem= whites/Jews
Japeth=asian/sometimes native americans/ somtimes russian as well
Dan= indians both native americans or from country of india
so naturally european painter pictured him as white, and the image has stuck into modern media
this is very interesting view that i have spent sometime reading about. In retrospect its a very interesting and twisted view of the world but their you have it.