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Subj: Re: Why do we percieve so differently?
Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 at 02:05:55 am EST (Viewed 547 times)
Reply Subj: Why do we percieve so differently?
Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 at 04:19:58 pm EST (Viewed 804 times)

    I truly understand that different experiences can color our perceptions but im amazed at how different we can look at things, here's what I mean...

    I noticed that most of the people that saw Rush Limbaughs comment about the NFL is like watching the bloods and the crips without weapons and his reasoning behind making that statement as not being racist or bigoted have been white while most of the people that saw this as a racist statement have been black. Now im getting my stats from not only this board, but people I have spoken with, and interviews that I have seen. So who's right and who's wrong? Are black people's racial antennae too fine tuned or does most of America see anything less than n bombs being dropped as simply protected speech?

Hey, I don't have a drop of African blood in me, but anyone who says that what Limbaugh was saying wasn't racist is either ignorant or a liar.

But yes, I think every group that has a long history of being the target of prejudice has their antennae too finely tuned. It's not just black people. It's a lot like a battered wife or abused child flinches when someone just moves their hands the wrong way. We, as humans, are naturally built this way. The reaction is a survival instinct.

    For instance Bill O'reilly went after the rapper ludacris with what seemed to be a personal vendetta against the man. Believe it or not I didnt really have a problem with that, what i didn't like was him going after his contract with Pepsi(i think it was pepsi) while justifying his NOT going after Ozzi Osbourne's contract with the same company, was not Osbourne on TV, him and his underage kids dropping f-bombs and crap but he simply said "well everyone knows about osbourne" so no reason to cost him money. Now to me that SEEMS to be motivated by race, tell me why im wrong about that.

You're not. Everybody knows about Ludacris too.

    Sean Hannity during the Justin Volpe's abuse of Abner Louima case he kept refering to Louima as "lying louima" up until the time when Volpe confessed to sticking the plunger up Louima's rectum when he had him in police custody, now I feel that his automatic defense of Volpe and his attacking of the alleged victim was racially motivated again tell me why im wrong or why rather you ercieve these so different from me

Hannity is about as evil as it comes while still being legal.

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