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Subj: Re: Reverend Meteor I like you, you are real.
Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 09:16:32 pm EST (Viewed 25 times)
Reply Subj: Reverend Meteor I like you, you are real.
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    Let me be clear, I don't think that Heimdal should be played by Elba. Im not going to boycott the movie because of it

    Even if I despised the idea I wouldn't boycott the movie. I don't care enough about anything to boycott anything. I'm a very apathetic person by nature \:\)

      but a character is a character is a character. I didn't care for the black kingpin, or the black alicia masters, or the black nick fury. Why? Because that is not who the characters were intended to be, I think that it is a business decision to try and reach out to more audience

    No I agree with Atrimus's point that it was a financially motivated decision. I don't even mind the decision in this one instance because I think Elba is awesome and has the perfect persona to play that role. But I don't like the trend as a whole. A part of it is financial...a BIG part of it but I think that the reason why it is a financial reason has its roots in being a PC issue. Why do movie studios decide to make white comic book characters black...because something be it some producer or focus group or study or studio executive whatever has boiled it down to the fact that minorities are more likely to watch a movie that has someone that is in their minority in a movie.

    The idea that we get multiculturalism in movies like this is great but is done for the wrong reason (or rather a reason I simply don't like). I like it when it is organic to the plot and when it makes sense. I don't like pretending a movie shows multiculturalism when it only really done as a ploy to get minorities to see a movie they may never see otherwise and thus seperate them from their money.

    Granted an example in a comic book movie escapes me off the top of my head but one example of using a black character instead of the established white character that I thought made sense was when John Stewart was the Green Lantern of choice in the Justice League cartoon (awesome series and I say that as someone who has never bought a DC comic). There have been multiple Green Lanterns and John Stewart was a established character and he was black.

      you know the whole "Isdris Elba is going to be in a movie lets go see it". Having said that this is not the first time marvel or those representing them have not followed the origins to the letter when doing movies.

    It isn't and I can cut a lot of flack for that truth be told.

      My thing was WHY did it have to be called a "politically correct" move as i've heard that it is? And why is that always the norm in these instances?

    My contention is that it is a shady financial move disguised as a politically correct move. In a perfect world an actor would be chosen because they are the best for the part. Some people will see it as a black actor who was cast to be PC and include blacks. I maintain that the movie has a black actor as a white character in order to exploit his fan base and make more money for what will probably be a lame movie (but I say that because I tend not to enjoy Marvel's movies or cartoons...I don't like DC comics but their cartoons and movies are superior IMO).

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