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Let me be clear, I don't think that Heimdal should be played by Elba. Im not going to boycott the movie because of it, but a character is a character is a character. I didn't care for the black kingpin, or the black alicia masters, or the black nick fury. Why? Because that is not who the characters were intended to be, I think that it is a business decision to try and reach out to more audience, you know the whole "Isdris Elba is going to be in a movie lets go see it". Having said that this is not the first time marvel or those representing them have not followed the origins to the letter when doing movies.

My thing was WHY did it have to be called a "politically correct" move as i've heard that it is? And why is that always the norm in these instances?

Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin tends to get less of this grousing because, as the filmmakers said at the time, no one else had the physical chops to play that role and could act at a level above "pro wrestler yelling a little more quietly than usual."

Heimdall's a bit different, IMHO, as the character's relative unimportance in the plot -- he's not the main villain or hero, unlike the Kingpin -- takes a lot of the weight off of his casting. And in any case, with the armor and all, there are quite a few actors who could carry the part well enough for the rest of the movie to work.

As I agreed with mjyoung below, my bigger beef here is that this is a waste of Elba's talent.

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