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Subj: Re: What do you think when you see a police officer with a radar gun
Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 at 11:56:50 pm EST (Viewed 16 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What do you think when you see a police officer with a radar gun
Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 at 09:32:33 pm EST (Viewed 663 times)

    Eh. I've got a friend who hates cops and thinks they're all corrupt. This is because she's broken the law several times and been called on it, for which she blames them.

Which is all fine and good if you go with the assumption that the only people who dislike cops are criminals. I don't have a rap sheet...and I don't like cops.

    Personally I think anyone breaking the law at any time for any reason firstly should not be surprised when they are caught, and probably shouldn't complain when they are punished. If the punishment exceeds the crimes, they can complain about that. I guess my attitude goes back to high school when kids would routinely tell stories about speeding tickets, i.e. getting caught driving 60 mph thru a 25 mph residential zone by a cop who had the audacity to give them a $100 ticket. Lost on them was the fact that they got away with it the other 99% of the time they did it so they really should have been stoked about how often they skated thru life. I suppose that's when I realized that most people are only interested in their own convenience and don't care much about other people except when other people interrupt them doing whatever they please. Sure, there's some corrupt cops out there like the ones you mention but then there are corrupt people in every walk of life regardless of what uniform they wear.

I think most cops are douchebags...maybe you have to be to last in that sort of job...they are a necessary evil...but I have no love for them.

I know some cops through my job that I do like and I know many more that I quite frankly detest.

As for my convenience...yeah I see cops as a buzzkill truth be told. That and the ones in my city are useless. When my house got robbed do you think I ever heard one word from them again after I filled out a report? Nope.