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Subj: Some agreement and disagreement
Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 at 10:31:14 am EST (Viewed 753 times)
Reply Subj: Comics today versus twenty years ago
Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 at 11:13:54 am EST (Viewed 972 times)

    I have been reading comics for over thirty years, I have followed the exploits of many characters from marvel, dc and other comic makers. I have seen alot change over the years some things for the better but many imo for the worse. And im wondering if thats because people that are too detached from making good comics are making all of the decisions.

I've been reading comics for 16 years, but I grew up primarily on comics (often reprints) from the 60's to the 80's.

    Case in point...I remember in the 80s when every interlude actually led you into a new story today however a point can be made in a story and noone ever deals with it, the thought is just dropped like it never happened.

Leaving hanging plot points has been happening since comics started; either the author/company just wants that plot point to die, a new author comes on board and doesn't want to pick it up, etc. This was even done by Stan the Man himself; during his run on the X-Men Professor Xavier was anguishing over his unsaid love for Jean Grey. Since this was never picked up on again I can only assume Stan or someone else at Marvel realized just how creepy that was and axed the concept, thank goodness.

    People come back from the dead and sometimes there's no explanation for their return, that never used to happen no matter how lame the explanantion there always was one," i was shot into a rocket and before it hit the sun I managed to hit the eject button and some bird people carried me back to earth"

Who's come back recently with zero explanation?

    And im sorry but i dont remember comics being late three months at a time in some cases the way they are now. I could point to more examples but you get the point, what im wondering is is this because Marvel is more "corporate" than it was in the 1980s and many decisions are made in a board meeting versus a writers head or am i just off base?

The late comics point I agree with you on, I can't recall comics being late when I was younger. In some cases I guess Marvel is willing to wait for the big name talent (I can't see them giving the same leeway to someone just breaking in with Marvel) because they'll still have the sales.

The perception is usually it's the art holding up a book (JMS' run on Thor being an obvious exception), but we don't know when the artist gets the script so it could be the writer or the artist. In cases where an artist takes a while to draw a book I like the tag team approach some books have (when Green Lantern relaunched with Hal as the title character Carlos Pachecho would draw an arc, then Ethan van Scrier would do an arc, it was a great system that kept the book on track and showcased two brilliant pencillers).

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