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Thursday morning started like every other morning: giving our beagle, Sadie, her first walk of the day. As soon as I was dressed, I grabbed her leash, and out we went. Oh wow! Two of her best puppy friends were being walked at the same time: Cypress and Missy. Cypress is a 13-year-old beagle mix, and the two of them were friends at first sight (which I'm told is rare for the aging Cypress).

So they socialize for a minute or two, then we all part ways. We didn't walk very far this morning (just across the street at the corner). Sadie was just interested in doing "her business" and going back home.

Sadie is a rather slow walker. As you can see from her picture, her legs are very stubby. She sometimes gets mistaken for a Dachshund mix, but I suspect a trace of basset hound.


We cross the street after not seeing any cars coming. Five feet from the opposite curb, a car suddenly turns the corner and barrels toward us. I have to literally jump the five feet to avoid getting hit by the 2000-odd-pound death machine, pulling the strap to hurry Sadie along.

It was futile. As I'm in mid-air jump, I hear the "flup-flup" of the car's tires. I turn, and there's Sadie: completely motionless for one or two seconds that seem to stretch on for an eternity. This was immediately followed by two quick breaths and a tremendous flow of blood from nose, mouth, and ears. Then she was gone. I just know she was.

One of my neighbours was on his front porch and witnessed the whole thing. He quickly ran inside and returned with a cardboard box. Even though he was dressed for work, he risked getting bloody to help me put her into the box. We carried her a block away to our veterinarian (lucky to have one so close, and luckily the doctor came in early that day). But by the time we got there, it was far, far too late. After checking for a pulse, the doctor just looked back at me and shook her head.

The woman in the car did stop. Seeing Sadie, she was almost in worse emotional shape than I was. Before we rushed Sadie to the vet, she said something about not looking in the direction her car was traveling. Even though I was thinking, "Stupid," I was already sure that Sadie's fate was swift and she was likely in such shock that she didn't feel the pain. I was grateful for that much. I bore the woman no ill will. Maybe I should, but I just can't.

As I left the vet, I looked at my watch. All of this happened in about 6 minutes.


Sadie was a wonderful companion for the 7.5 years we were blessed with her.

Despite her typical beagle hardheadedness, she was quite brilliant. She seemed to understand a lot of what we would tell each other, and react to it. For instance, she would hear a normal conversation between my wife and I about a movie starting in half and hour, so we better leave if we want to make it (or let's go out to eat or something like that), and Sadie would get comfy in her cage and start her normal barking routine.

She had a great sense of humour, too. She loved to play with cats and roughhouse with humans.

She got along with most dogs, but she loved cats most of all. When neighbourhood cats ignored her, she would actually get her feelings hurt and whimper a bit. She was very bossy, especially toward bigger dogs.

She didn't care for many people, however, except for family and friends. It usually took a while to become her friend, but once you became one, you were as good as family.

She was spoiled. For most of her life, we would actually cook her food instead of buying dog food. She ate almost anything.

We thought we'd have more time with her.

06/2002 - 12/2009

My condolences on the loss of your beloved pet, Guardian.

Dogs are the greatest. \:\)