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Subj: Re: Ok I know I should ask this on the movies board...but what did minorities think about Avatar? (vague spoilers)
Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 at 12:25:51 pm EST (Viewed 750 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ok I know I should ask this on the movies board...but what did minorities think about Avatar? (vague spoilers)
Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 at 11:41:38 am EST (Viewed 736 times)

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I think he was the betrothed. Our hero totally stole his thunder. I didn't get the part about the dragons bonding for life. Sully bonded with his dragon, then later on decided he wasn't good enough so he threw him aside and went after big red. After he was done with big red he went back to his original. So now he's bonded with two of them and neither of them can bond with anyone else. Isn't that kind of like polygamy? Actually there was an interesting thread on IMDb comparing the animal bonding to rape. Come to think of it there were a lot of weird choices in Avatar.

Plus the whole "corporations bad" "technology bad" "military bad" "terrorists justified" overly simplistic morality was weak. I liked the love story, the guy getting in touch with nature, great special effects but this is one of the most one-dimensional stories I've ever seen.

An excellent article on the subject is at

Also, a comment from a friend of mine:

One thing I noticed on Avatar that was particularly a sign of white-guilt/fantasy plotting was that everyone on "Team Na'vi" at the base is someone representing a group historically picked on by muscle-bound, &/or power-hungry Anglos (like the base commander & corporate head, though played by an Italian-Am.): Sully (disabled
*and* Irish-former colonial--co-opted like other Irish into colonizing), Grace (female scientist kept nearly helpless by males in charge), Trudy (Latina:former colonial & possibly part-indigenious American), male scientist w/ South Asian name (former colonial), and white nerdy, rail-thin guy (obvious muscle-bound Anglo target!), plus CCH Pounder as blue-mom-in-law "spiritual leader" (African American actress), Wes Studi as blue-dad-in-law-chief (who really *was* in Dances w/ Wolves \(\!\) & starred as Native Am. detective Joe Leaphorn on PBS), & Zoe Saldana as blue princess (recently young Lt. Uhura & of miriad origins herself), & her former bf was I think played by an Aus./NZ indigenous actor. A nearly perfect UN of formerly colonized/exploited ancestries there! Add to that Sam Worthington's accent reverting back his native Aussie (NZ?), & you have mega-white-colonial-guilt coverage there: Thus tallying up Cameron's other component of the fantasy--forgiveness en masse.

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