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Subj: Re: Marvel Apologizes for Dig @ Tea Party......on Yahoo! "News"...
Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 at 03:23:27 am EST (Viewed 636 times)
Reply Subj: Marvel Apologizes for Dig @ Tea Party......on Yahoo! "News"...
Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 at 12:11:44 am EST (Viewed 909 times)


    Any thoughts? Personally, I am sick of everybody doling out the public apologies every time something they say upsets people. I say, nut up and stand behind what you say.

I know what you mean! Political Correctness has become totally out of control and just seems to be used as a weapon by the media. Marxist speech FTL!

    I know Marvel is a company and not an individual, but they could at least take this stance:

    "While the views of our individual creators do not necessarily reflect those of the Marvel Corporation, we stand behind the right and the responsibility of our creative talent to speak their mind."

Yeah, I couldn't stand PAD's Liberal pro baby killer story (I'm an independent I swear!) in TIH #429 but yes it was obvious that was PAD's views, not Marvel's and i wasn't going to let PAD's liberal viewpoints drive me away from TIH lol.

    I know that kind of stance could backfire or allow for hate-speak, but I like to think the line could be drawn somewhere between allowing hate-mongering and not allowing free expression of opinions. Since the group in question is a group joined together by ideology, taking a shot at said group is more or less simply disagreeing with that ideology. That's part of the free speech equation.

Slippery slope on limiting free speech to hate mongering. I may ABHOR the kkk but they have the right to their freedom if idiocy as much as anyone else.

    I think a group of citizens, whether it's the tea party-types, the Black Panther Party or the Klan, have a right to speak their views publicly. And other groups, individuals or even companies should be allowed, in turn, to say, "Man, I think those (fill in the blank) dudes are a bunch of nut jobs!"

Agreed but the Black Panther's have crossed the line when they were guarding voting buildings with night sticks.

    Now, the next step is the right of the original party to complain about their depiction, dispute the notion that they might be nut jobs and cry foul. But does the other party really need to apologize? I guess they feel the need. It just seems like an endless media cycle of screw up, apologize, screw up, apologize. The other big "story" is John Mayer apologizing for using the so-called "n-word". Closer to what I would consider a legitimate slur, but it just seems lame. Regardless of whether or not they might use it privately among friends, most folks have the good sense, if not the decency, not to shout racial slurs on a crowded bus, for example. You'd think a celebrity who lives in the public eye would know better than to say it with a microphone shoved in his face. If he doesn't, then he should just say, "Yeah, I said it. Maybe it was wrong, but I can't take it back so big deal." I don't know.

Sadly yes, those people do give a lot of power for those in favor of Marxism speech (political correctness).

    I get the feeling saying controversial things and then making melodramatic apologies is as much a part of the Hollywood B.S. as walking the red carpet or going to rehab.

I hate it when so much news is put on actors going into rehab and airing waaaaaay to much of their personal life. The Tiger Woods situation is thankfully dying.

    I know, it's idealistic, unrealistic, whatever - I'm not telling Marvel how to best run their business (even though it sounds like it), I'm just saying how I feel about it personally as an outside observer and as a consumer of comic books. I'm offended by their apology, and won't be buying any more of their books until they apologize for apologizing, LOL. \:P

Well, Joe now Disney I guess \(\?\) just wants to sell as much as they humanly can, I know you know this but Political Correctness does make A LOT of sense for CEO's or private companies.

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