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Subj: Re: Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Three dollars
Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 at 08:25:00 am EST (Viewed 17 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Three dollars
Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 at 12:13:38 am EST (Viewed 1260 times)

    I just don't like the idea of 'Big Brother' running your life more than they already do. Do you really want a bunch of Politicians in Washington telling you if you can have that quadruple bypass surgery or something?

That, of course, comes with the assumption that the government will be trying to decide whether "we need that quadruple bypass surgery or something." I think the entire idea behind universal healthcare is that people will get the help they need regardless of their means, so that they can't be denied coverage. It won't be (or isn't supposed to be) a denial situation, if someone really needs something.

There are only two problems that I see with universal healthcare and procedures:

1) In the case of organ/marrow transplants, there simply are not enough donors, and not easy enough matches, to make people not have to wait sometimes, and I'm sure this would be brought up as a "failure of the Democrats who pushed through healthcare." However, stem cell research in other countries is advancing the possibility of growing organs specifically suited to those in need (I've read two medical reports so far, one regarding a woman who had a new portion of her trachea and alveoli grown for her, another regarding a mouse heart being cloned (just the heart!), being hooked up to electrodes, and beating as it's supposed to. Very cool stuff).

2) There may not be enough qualified doctors to perform all the procedures that need to be done, which could lead to lower quality healthcare overall. This, in my opinion, is something that could easily be solved within a generation by fixing the public education system--which has its priorities completely skewed (I see it from the inside)-- and growing students who are more educated and able to become doctors. Every year I have students who can barely read tell me they want to be doctors, in all seriousness. The have the desire, just not the skills.

    Yes, I gotta agree with the Republicans, let people buy insurance nation wide. Give the insurance companies some REAL competition so they actually have to give a cr*& about their customers and want to hold onto them! Of course preexisting conditions will still be a problem and not everyone will still be able to afford Health Care which is a right!!

    A government program that you have to financially qualify for, or if you have preexisting conditions could solve this, but I just think the Government's role is to protect our rights, not run or lives.

That's fine, and I agree to some point. But if the road in front of your house was filled with potholes, you'd contact the city government to get it fixed, wouldn't you? Is it running our lives to give us the ability to become healthier without breaking the bank? We already have the medical technology to fix many of the problems that are plaguing us, but many people don't get help because their own insurance companies drop them while they're sick. They have paid premiums, given their money to the private system to insure they can get help when they need it, and then they are denied help. Why can't they give that same premium to the government in the form of a tax, and not be denied their healthcare claim?

    If your on the Governments Health care plan, I can only imagine how much they will try to interfere in people lives trying to force them to eat Healthy and perhaps even forced Doctor visits and even house calls.

Why is it bad to want people to eat healthier? Lots of folks are in very poor condition because the FDA allows restaurants that serve only crap food to operate, and healthier food is more expensive.

I'll give you two examples from my own public high school (where I teach students primarily on the low end of the financial spectrum).

1) About a third of the students in my school receive free or reduced-price lunch, because their parents can't afford to give them lunch. This is a great thing, provided to them by the county. But the lunches they get are very low quality foods--fried chicken sandwiches, tacos and hamburgers made with very low-grade meat, pizza. Even their salads, which is an option, are made with iceburg lettuce, which has virtually no nutritional content. Why can't the be given higher quality foods, like healthier pastas, white meat chicken, etc.? Why are they allowed to be given food that will damage their bodies?

2) Since schools aren't being given the proper amount of money to run (currently facing our second consecutive year of budget cuts in the 10% range), they are forced to find money for programs other ways, like allowing vending machines in the hallways for kids to get a snack. While this may seem okay, there's absolutely nothing nutritional in the machines--candy bars, pastries, etc. In the drink machines, there's a little water and a ton of soda, and even what they call juice is usually fruit punch. Why can't we pull unhealthy options from the machines? The kids are hungry. If the only thing in the vending machines were apples and bananas, believe me, the kids would still be eating. If the only thing in the drink machines was water and orange juice, they'd still be buying. Why do we only provide them with options that could kill them?

And remember, the students are already "forced" to take physical education to graduated. If they're "forced" to exercise, why can't we "force" them to eat healthy? It's education--we can teach them proper diets, and in the long run they will feel better and live easier lives.

    The free market is the most sacred thing we have. Without it, there would be no advances in technology, competition Between AMD and Intel have lead us to these 3ghz processors, competition between Nvidia and Ati has also lead to these massive graphics cards we have now.

But the problem with a pure free market is that eventually companies who get larger and larger and larger have the ability to squash all competition. A small sandwich shop has virtually no chance in a town that already has three Subway restaurants. Cable television services providers set up shop in cities and carve up the market amongst themselves instead of all competing for business in all areas, leaving people with very few options.

The free market is fine, but if there is no regulation to ensure that these businesses have to treat their customers properly once they've grown to a point that they're the only option for the customers... if it becomes profit over quality, then how is that fair?

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