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Subj: Re: Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Three dollars
Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 at 08:04:19 am EST (Viewed 1202 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Three dollars
Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 at 05:19:39 am EST (Viewed 1220 times)


      Yeah, I'm sure the Health Care system in Canada is just Perfect, that everyone who needs an operation gets one, everyone that needs drugs for this or that gets it. While your story is a good one, I'm sure there are bad stories to.

    Im pretty sure that none of those people who have hailed the NHS - including myself - have ever stated that their system was 'perfect', in fact I specifically stated that it had its faults.

    There are bad stories but they are thankfully very few and you can either believe the fact that we have a health service in our respective countries that does a brilliant job in 99.9% of cases at no extra cost to the patient oe you cant believe it - but not believing it wont make it not true.

You have zero proof on that 99.9% statistic.


      I saw a story on the local news about a woman with some kind of cancer, I think it was breast cancer in Britain or was it Canada \(\?\) and she said she was on a waiting list that was just to long, and by the time they would have got to her, it would be to late. She managed to get to the USA where some evil private insurance company helped her out for free so I'm glad things turned out well for her.

    So you quote one story where a woman from the NHS went to the states for treatment as an example of our entire NHS being bad???

There are many other stories.

    I already stated that there are cases where it does go wrong. The point is that no system will ever be perfect so the key is to get the system that best treats the majority of the people the majority of the time and I personally dont think that system can ever be one where the quality of your healthcare is linked to the strength of your bank balance.

    Additionally I'm pretty sure that the case you speak about is a little more complicated than you state. If I recall the only high profile case that has hit the national news lately was the case of a woman with cancer who couldnt get a particular medicine on the NHS, not because they wouldnt give it her or because she was on a waiting list but because it wasnt approved for perscription and was 'experimental'. The woman went to the states because that was where the medicine was being tested, it had shown some success in clinical trials and she could purchase it privately.

    One of the responsibilities of an NHS is to manage its funding and ensure that the money is spent on things that can best overall serve its patients. That may mean that a so-called 'wonder drug' thats done well in a trial amongst a few people in America doesnt initially get picked up because it lacks the evidence to prove that it would be worth the cost of our NHS purchasing it and making it availible to tens of thousands of cancer sufferers in the UK at a cost of millions of pounds on such a limited trial. This is a very, very different issue to things like waiting lists waiting lists.

But our Government overspends on any project they start. Look at Medicaid, it's about to financially collapse. Look at the Post Office, it's not doing so hot either. Our government hasn't managed to run anything successfully at all, well maybe the military.


      Would government run health care really make the middle class more wealthy? There is no such thing as a free lunch. Uncle Sam will have to charge high health premiums to pay for this universal health care and sure to an extent he can do that to the evil rich CEO's in America. It's just to bad those big evil rich companies than wont be able to hire as many middle class working people, and that the companies will have to raise the prices on their products.

    The issue isnt about clawing back money from greedy corperations. Do greedy corperations run the show in the U.S? Do they do all the dirty little tricks that greedy corperations in other industries do and have been proven to do? In all reality they probably do dont they, but thats not the issue - the issue is providing a health service that is availible and fair to all and most people have left socking it to the big corperations out of their debate on the subject.

Some people only see greed in the free market, I see innovation, lower prices, and jobs for the middle class. Our current Health Care system is currently a BROKEN model of capitalism. It is when you have Monopolies that Greed with a capital G can start to become a real problem. Letting people have real choices with buying insurance nation wide will stop the Monopoly issues the Insurance Companies have now.

Oh, the Government is a business to, you think people in the Public Sector work for free? When the Government becomes the Monopoly of the health sector, we, being a nation not quite as socialistic as Europe, will just probably not have as good results.

    Hell, in the UK if I'm not happy with the NHS I still have the option of going to a 'greedy corperation' for private healthcare if I like or to suppliment my NHS care with additional private treatment if I wish.

But I'm guessing you have to travel to the US for treatment but if not, that option for you could soon be gone. Right now it doesn't matter because we currently just do not have a real free market system in the Health Care sector now.

Anyway just making my last rounds. Being the only one that doesn't watch the mainstream media here is quite frankly depressing so I will not be returning to this board for a looooong time. I know, I know, you will say don't let the door hit you on the way out clueless rich kid... but don't bother, I wont be here to read it.

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