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Subj: Re: Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Three dollars
Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 at 01:24:35 pm EST (Viewed 1211 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Three dollars
Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 at 08:04:19 am EST (Viewed 1203 times)

    You have zero proof on that 99.9% statistic.

No, youre right I dont but I'm willing to bet that the 99.9% statistic that I plucked out of the air - which was incidently quoted NOT to represent the ACTUAL success rate of the NHS but rather to simply represent the fact that our NHS does in the majority of cases work for the majority of people - is still a more accurate representation of the truth than the one example you cite as 'proof' of its failiure...

    There are many other stories.

Of course there are - just like there are hundreds and hundreds of horror stories of Americans suffering because they cant afford decent healthcare.

Like I said, no one is attempting to claim that the NHS is perfect. I'll say it again for the hard of hearing - NO SYSTEM WILL EVER BE PERFECT. As I mentioned before the task is to create a system that best serves the majority of the people the majority of the time and I feel that the current example of the British NHS probably does that better, more fairly and at less personal expense than the current American system.

I'm willing for you to educate me with regards some of the facts of the U.S system. I'd genuinely appreciate you informing me exactly what kind of coverage you would need and at what cost in order to receive the sterling service and treatment that my family members did in the three examples I described that I have personally experienced, those being my father who suffered two heart attacks, my mother who needed an operation on her skull, brain and inner ear and my girlfriend who had a battery of tests after collapsing for unknown reasons. They all received prompt and effective care at no additional expense but I dont know what the same treatment would have cost them in the States.

Just looking at my last pay slip my national insurance contribution was 8%(rounded up)of my gross monthly income. That pays not only for my healthcare but also unemployment benefits should I find myself out of work and my state funded pension when I retire amongst a few other things. You tell me what percentage of their wage a U.S citizen would have to pay per month for healthcare alone and then perhaps I can decide whether in principle at least I believe I am receiving value for money.

    But our Government overspends on any project they start. Look at Medicaid, it's about to financially collapse. Look at the Post Office, it's not doing so hot either. Our government hasn't managed to run anything successfully at all, well maybe the military.

Thats a fault of the government NOT the choice of healthcare system.

Here in the UK the NHS has suffered similar financial crisis in the past, budget shortfalls, overspending and the like. The solution was not to change the system but to simply manage it better which for the most part they did.

    Some people only see greed in the free market, I see innovation, lower prices, and jobs for the middle class. Our current Health Care system is currently a BROKEN model of capitalism. It is when you have Monopolies that Greed with a capital G can start to become a real problem. Letting people have real choices with buying insurance nation wide will stop the Monopoly issues the Insurance Companies have now.

Well I havent personally criticised anyone of greed and my arguments have for the most part been restricted to praising my own health service rather than criticising yours. I would more than likely completely agree with you that monopolies in many cases lead to the customer losing out and that competition usually leads to fairer prices.

    Oh, the Government is a business to, you think people in the Public Sector work for free? When the Government becomes the Monopoly of the health sector, we, being a nation not quite as socialistic as Europe, will just probably not have as good results.

I work in the public sector so I'm aware we dont do it for free. That said a democratic government has a great deal more responsibility to be fair and impartial with their healthcare than any private company due to the fact that the government essentially works for the public, makes decisions by consent and can be booted out at the next election if the public isnt happy. A company, unlike a government, has a primary responsibility to its shareholders rather than its 'customers'.

    But I'm guessing you have to travel to the US for treatment but if not, that option for you could soon be gone. Right now it doesn't matter because we currently just do not have a real free market system in the Health Care sector now.

Actually no.

I get the impression that you see the UK as some kind of backwater devoid of any form of advanced healthcare and that if we want anything above the bare basics we have to fly off to the good old 'Yoo-es-ay' to get it.

The fact of the matter is that just about anything availible in the U.S is also availible here. The vast majority of that is availible on the NHS although as with most things in life If you have the money you can also go out and pay to receive even better treatment. That may be as simple as paying to recouperate in a private room rather than a shared ward or in some cases it might be to have the freedom to pay for alternative treatments privately that simply are not availible on the NHS.

    Anyway just making my last rounds. Being the only one that doesn't watch the mainstream media here is quite frankly depressing so I will not be returning to this board for a looooong time. I know, I know, you will say don't let the door hit you on the way out clueless rich kid... but don't bother, I wont be here to read it.

Get of your soap box and show some respect. Youve so far treated everyone else here as some kind of idiot for not agreeing with your view on matters and made the assumption (amongst others) that theyre all a bunch of easily lead robots who only think and feel what they do because the mainstream media tells them to!

How can you expect anyone to give you the time of day when you display such an elitist attitude and automatically treat everyone else with such utter contempt?

Ive read with great interest most of your posts on this subject and frankly with regards to the systems established in those countries who have universal healthcare the number of things you have got completely wrong and the number of incorrect assumptions you have made based on nothing more than your own opinion is absolutely staggering.

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