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Reply Subj: Does it hurt to be a Democrat?
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Just wondering since we haven't had alot of political discussions on the board lately.

Would you agree that the Democratic party has been really inefficient since the election? Despite have a supermajority, they aren't able to pass any key legislation.

Losses of key democratic territories (losing TK's seat in MA) or likely to lose territories in 2010. One democrat even switched sides in the House. Biden's old seat will likely go republican. Bayh was an easy lock for reelection but with his retiring the state could easily go red. (

No Supreme Court nominations yet, which will have to come sometime before 2016.

Things aren't looking to turn around by 2010, so as the party in power you can't use any successes as rallying points. Meanwhile the Republican party can easy state things like "10% unemployment".

So what's your take on the current Democratic Party?

Ooh, GOOD questions, MJ. I'm gonna do my best to answer them in a serious manner. \:\)

First off, I feel as if the Dems have been FAR too easy on the Repubs. I don't know why Obama insists on bipartisanship, since it seems most Repubs DON'T want it. It makes me wish Congress would try to ram through almost ANY health-care reform, because if any Repub tried to filibuster it by reading "War & Peace", the Dems could use THAT in November AGAINST 'em.

Same thing should be done with any jobs bill or anything else that comes up from Congress. If the Repubs refuse to do anything about the problem besides saying "We don't need to do ANYTHING different than we've done for the last 30-odd years!", then that should be shown to the American public.

And I've been wondering about this next thing for several months. Why haven't ANY Democrats called the Repubs on the carpet for their part(s) in the attempted destruction of the American economy?

Here's my thought processes on the matter:

Republicans do NOT like to pay decent wages to the American worker. They've destroyed almost all of the unions in America. (When's the last time you saw a "Buy The Union Label" commercial?)

That's Part 1.

Part 2 is that the Repubs are against taxes, and want to cut almost all government programs to the bone. Well, without food stamps or welfare, a LOT more Americans would turn to crime just to get by. So, they're TRYING to increase the number of the poor in America! Think about it. The welfare programs are always the FIRST things to go.


By keeping money out of the hands of the poor, they are stagnating the American economy. When the poor have any money, it will get spent, and keep getting spent until it goes to the CEO's, who will then sit upon it, and refuse to do anything with it.

THEN, these same CEO's will complain that no one is buying their products, and lay off the workers. HOW WILL THAT HELP SELL YOUR PRODUCT IF YOU MAKE SURE FEWER PEOPLE CAN AFFORD IT?

I work as a cleaner at the Anheuser-Busch brewery here in St. Louis, and Brito has refused to give us any kind of a raise for over a year. They cut our entire cleaning budget (including our wages) over the last year from $2,500,000 to $600,000 this year! Hey, I'd like to do MY part and buy a six-pack now and then, but then they do this, and have the nerve to complain about it!

Before I took this job, I was out of work for 4 months. I'd worked at a hospital as a nurse's aide for 18 years. The average pay rate is currently between $9-10, and I was making over $13 an hour in 2005! Gee, wonder why I was let go back?

Hmmm... I've ranted long enough, but YOU asked! \:\) Anyway, to answer your question: No, it doesn't hurt to be a Democrat. It just hurts to be one of the working poor. ;\)

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