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Subj: Re: Agree...and this is somethign that seems to recently be hitting the left worse than the right...
Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 at 11:00:57 am EDT (Viewed 287 times)
Reply Subj: Agree...and this is somethign that seems to recently be hitting the left worse than the right...
Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 at 02:59:00 pm EDT (Viewed 345 times)


      I'm so used to putting spoilers in my posts, that I almost did this time as well. Lol. But this pertains to the recent controversies regarding Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher. As many of us know, the two of them have taken quite a lot of flack regarding some choice words that the two of them have said. And they got in trouble for it, and you have people coming out of the woodwork saying that this is a threat to free speech, or what about free speech? First of all, I agree that our culture has become too PC, and I hate it. I really don't have a problem with what Bill Maher said, especially since it's a joke. Bill and I are on opposite sides politically, but I still like him and watch the show. But people were uncomfortable with it, and he suffered some backlash. Fine! That is not a free speech issue, that's just other people using THEIR own Free Speech back.


        The Kathy Griffin thing was different, as that's not really SPEECH, per se! Now I hate Trump too, and I hope that he gets impeached. But it was still a stupid and inappropriate thing to do. There's a BIIIIIG difference between making fun of Trump (Stephen Colbert.), or insulting and mocking him (Robert De Niro.), and what she did. It's not just pertaining to the President, it would pertain to ANY person! So she's suffering the consequences for that, as she should. And she got fired from her job at CNN and a few other gigs (I believe.). But of course there are some people out there who are saying that free speech is under attack, and that this is a Free Speech issue. Businesses also have freedom of ASSOCIATION, as do most employers. That means that they can disassociate from paying someone whose views they don't care for, or who will cause them negative publicity. It's really not to difficult to understand, but for some reason, everytime something like this happens (I remember this happening with Dr. Laura, I believe.), you have the usual ignorant people come out and do this. Sigh!

    ...don't get me wrong the RIGHT I usually find more often in the wrong. But there seems to be a case of the overly left being overly PC and actually trying to tell others what they can and cannot say (recent College riots for example), but they have no problem when one of their own gets out of line.

The later point applies to the right as much as the left. Maybe moreso given those on the right were likely to blast those on the left for things that now seem minor compared to what is happening. But it is ok because it is their guy.

I just do not see it as unique. It is not ok either way.

I also disagree a little depending on the riot example you are talking about. Rioting is not ok, but Ihave seen some use a freedom of speech while saying hateful things as almost a freedom from criticism or response. If statements are hateful and attacking others than it will draw a response. Rightly or wrongly.

    Bill is fine...he really gets rough but nothing to really take a closer look at. What she dis was over the wasn't hate speech it was more and hence she got a visit from the Secret Service. No legal action will be taken against her most likely because she wasn't truly calling for his death...but she has to face the executioner herself now and accept she has been "axed" from her job.

Really folks like Ted Nugent and others have called for death before. Not much happens to them either. But it needs to be looked into.

Some, of whatever stripe, do get very angry about things. The question that should matter, at least to me, is why people are so angry. And does it seem reasonable that they are?

    I know Obama suffered a lot of slander and even some hate speech...but I am not sure there were actual networks and comedians on the tv dismembering him.

Not sure you paid much attention to Obama's presidency. Fox News is the obvious example and right wing media galvanized under him.

The main stream media also ran with many of the things that the GOP did and normalized behavior that apparently is now the standard in politics. It was hardly a love affair.

About anything is compared to what Trump is getting, but at the same time. Vast majority of that is his own fault.

Look Raist bunnies...