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Subj: Re: Hung Parliament
Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 at 12:12:00 am EDT (Viewed 251 times)
Reply Subj: Hung Parliament
Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 at 06:35:36 pm EDT (Viewed 267 times)

    Ordinarily I would be all for this as I loathe the idea of parties dominating government and elected dictators basically calling all the shots. But now, 10 days before "Brexit" negotiations and we have a UK where nobody is really in charge and we needed somebody with a strong UK government behind them to disentangle us from Europe. That is now lost. Theresa May screwed up so badly here calling this election everybody seemed to think its a master stroke what she did I had my doubts She should have left well enough be, dealt with Brexit first and then worried about elections and seats.

It WAS a master stroke to call the election when she did. She was 20 points ahead in the polls. Corbyn wasn't even able to command the total support of his own party. Labour was basically on the ropes and May couldn't lose. And indeed, she didn't lose.

But she screwed up badly.

    Also I don't know what absolute buffoon came up with the whole "dementia tax" idea. That's a fantastic vote winner at a time when you actually want to strengthen your side. And to top it all off, Theresa was up against Corbyn! Hardly the greatest Labour leader of all time. When you look at some of the things he wants and believes. He wants to restrict the amount of money people earn, he's hoping to increase the tax rate to the highest earners to 50% up from 45% and not surprisingly he wants to nationalise everything which will cost the country so many billions it doesn't even bear thinking about, we'll all be living like we did after WW2 if this guy gets in, the man is a freaking communist. Especially when you consider his blatant anti-monarchy stance.

I blame her advisors, and the ones who wrote the manifesto.

Announcing policies like the 'dementia tax' (It's not a tax, it's paying for your own care, and it's a better system than the one that's in place), means testing for winter fuel payments for pensioners and school meals for children in the weeks leading up to the election was disastrous. They all leave the poorest better off, but they were all policies that could be easily twisted by the left into soundbites guaranteed to enrage people and shore up Corbyn's position as 'for the many, not the few.'. For example asking people to use their assets to pay for their old age care was immediately seized on and twisted into the so-called 'dementia tax'.

May's advisors should be shot.

To top it off, Corbyn simply played the whole campaign game much better than May did. Not participating in the leaders' debates was a huge mistake on May's part. And on top of that, she campaigned - and rightly so - in marginal seats where the Conservatives desperately needed to win, but that meant the media coverage was mostly of her talking rather earnestly to a few workers in a factory.

Corbyn generally stuck to popping up in Labour strongholds, so the coverage of him was quite different. Walking down streets with people cheering him, all smiles, handshakes and pats on the back. His team made him LOOK like a winner right from the get go.

    I am genuinely afraid if we get another election soon "comrade Corbyn" will be elected the premier Prime Minister and we are all epicly buggered. But the pro-Labour bias of the BBC really amazed me as they reported labour had a "great success" I dont know what they are taking where they could count coming up second in a massive democratic debacle as a "Great success" Tony Blair had a great success in 1997 and again in 2001 this was anything but... Corbyn also failed. Both May and Corbyn need to go, this election has proved neither of them are suitable, but like the power hungry old fossils they are, they hang on to their power and their positions. Disgraceful!

I'm afraid the BBC's left-wing leanings doesn't amaze me anymore. I've seen it too many times over too many years for me to expect anything less from them these days.

Corbyn DID fail. He came second in a two horse race. Unfortunately, the way the chips have fallen - and it's not all down to him, the Conservative team have to shoulder much of the responsibility - May has been made to look significantly weaker going into the Brexit negotiations. She still has majority, but she's had to climb in bed with the DUP (god help us) to achieve it, which will do nothing to help the Conservatives' profile.

Highlight of the night for me was seeing the smile knocked off Nicola Sturgeon's face. Especially with Alex Salmond losing his seat. Very satisfying.

    Though if May steps aside, who do we get next? Boris Johnson?

I don't know. as Isabel Oakeshott said on Question Time tonight, there's no superstars waiting in the wings to step into the spotlight and take over in either party. Personally, I can't see May going before the Brexit deals are done and dusted as the party has fought on a 'strong and stable' manifesto. Another election in October would pretty much blow that out of the water. Then again, the Tories are notorious for dumping leaders who are perceived to be weak, so who knows? She may only be Prime Minister for another few months.

Boris Johnson? I don't know. I think he'd be a fantastic Brexit negotiator. He looks like a clown, and he's a bit of an idiot, but he's actually a very intelligent man. I think everyone who deals with him completely underestimates him because of this 'bumbling' persona he has.

Ruth Davidson had a good night. Her star seems to be in the ascendant right now. I don't know if she'd get anywhere near the support she'd need to challenge for the leadership right now though. I think she'd need a bit more experience, a higher profile and the right team behind her.

David Davis? Lots of experience, currently in the cabinet, a Euroskeptic. He's got a lot going for him. His loss in the 2005 leadership might stand against him, though.

At this point, I really don't know.

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