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Subj: Re: Very troubling...
Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 at 01:46:07 pm CDT (Viewed 279 times)
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      I agree. The President and his administration should be handling this like it's an attack on democracy (which is exactly what it is). Instead, we see them attacking the media, attacking the facts in the reports, and defending Russia. I'm left with no other conclusion than that Russia has this president firmly in their pocket. If that doesn't scare you, it should.

    While its perfectly possible this did not affect the election enough to make a difference, ignoring it is a very bad sign and it does make Trump look very very bad.

Possible, but seems unlikely that it had no impact. We already know that Russia was responsible for the email dump that hurt Clinton so much.

And there is at least a hint that voter roles could have been altered. The extent is not known. None of it is a good look.

Given both candidates were weak. With Clinton never polling much above 47% and Trump usually lower, the election moved from scandal to scandal. It seems very unlikely to me that the whole thing had no impact at all. If anything it was under discussed during the campaign itself compared to other issues. Or scandals I should say.

    Though to be fair its not like the DNC didn't also interfere with the fair voting process. I bring this up since both sides clearly have done things to upset the fair voting process and manipulate the voters.

What? I do not think they are the same. If you want to go into policy than strict voter laws in many repbilican controlled states have made it harder for some to vote. Usually those with more Dem leanings. This does hurt things.

I am just saying, I do not see why you had to bring this up at all. I am not entirely aware of the Dems doing anything to the scale the Russians did. And one could make a pretty big case against the GOP going after voters through legislation on election day it important states.

The DNC, some argued, went against Bernie. And one could make that case, but the whole primary system is a mess anyway. For either party. Caucases for instances are not that democratic in the first place.

    But this needs to stop...Trump needs to step forward and allow the process to proceed to stop such a further attack in the future.

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