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Subj: Re: did you read the BBC article? read the conclusion.
Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 at 07:49:44 pm EDT (Viewed 1050 times)
Reply Subj: did you read the BBC article? read the conclusion.
Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 at 07:26:06 pm EDT (Viewed 1105 times)

Did you read it?

This is how it ends.

"The debate over this continues, both on the streets and in academia."

Towards the end a study is reported. Several studies or reports are discussed in the article. You picked the one at the end and claimed it was representative of the article.

    Holy cow:-) Did you read your own article?:-)

    there is a lot in there but,

    Here's how it ends.

    "However, Fryer doesn't find any racial difference in the cases where police offers actually shoot someone."

    So you are cross with me that I didnt find that article a persuasive argument to use against Elder? I don't think that conclusion would help.

I an annoyed that from one unsourced interview you believe this fellow is the end all be all source. When his conclusions from numbers given are jumps at times.


    The BBC article mostly focuses on the perception that police are being killed more.

If by the first part, sure. I am not sure I would say most.


    Listen, I think you are still angry at me. Im not angry at you because there was a misunderstanding. We both took a few low blows at each other so I really dont have any hard feelings. (You called yourself a jerk. I didnt.) My comments about your style do stand and feel free to give me any advice on my conversational shortcomings.

Yes, mocking people is the true sign of an open argument. Whatever you want to think man.


    My "ha,ha" was actually sincere at the situation.

    take care.

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