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Subj: Re: Social Justice Warrior branding
Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 at 08:54:24 am EDT (Viewed 386 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Social Justice Warrior branding
Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 at 02:58:03 am EDT (Viewed 379 times)


      This came up on a Spider-man board, and I thought it would make a good discussion here.

    I'd say it can pop up anywhere...though those leaning to the left are not likely to use it, they will use some other term like misogyny, "insert word(usually a color)" power...and so on.

To a point, but you are comparing the term SJW to more extreme thoughts on the left. They are used in the same way and neither is really acceptable most of the time.


      What are people's thoughts on this term? I think it's become fashionable to write off any attempt towards political correctness with a SJW label. I think it's become dismissive and mocking, and personally I hate it.

    I think it has its place. And that those who cant handle it are just the people it is targeting. Overly PC. (I am partially kidding and partially teasing, I don't want to insult you if you feel this way).

Isn't the last part PC though? I think that is the point that the railing against PC culture ignores.

Many who use SJW are just as happy to insult people or morso than anybody else. They use it like conservatives accused liberals of using the race card.

    It can be very dismissive, but so is sarcasm and words llke for instance "man-splaining"...however for some reason those are accepted.

    For me I do use the word...usually when I feel someone is being hypocritical, ridiculous or too extreme. For example. Some of those colleges where comedians are not even to tell a silly joke because its not PC and someone's feelings might be hurt...these students are missing a fundamental principle behind almost all humor. It's based on pain.

Not all jokes are funny though. And sensibilities change over time. Watch humor from around the 30's. A fair bit of it is racist by our modern standards.

For instance, it is one thing for a comedian to stand up and pose differences between say black people and white people or men and women. Usually major generalities that are not totally correct but are often amusing.

One has to know the audience and the audience has to know what they are getting into. However, there have been cases of comedians saying some pretty bad stuff and they were rightfully heckled about it.

I feel I just would have left if it bothered me that much but whatever.


      I recognize that there are people who can go to far in their pursuit of political correctness, and those people are probably rightly deserving of mockery. But by and large, I think political correctness exists to show empathy for people who aren't like you, and I think that's a good thing.

    Waaaayyyy too far imo. Comedians are being told what jokes are PC enough to be told and we feel we need to hand out 12th place prizes to kids because there feelings might be hurt at not winning.

Are they? Still seems to be pretty raunching and racy comedy out there. At least the last time I watched stand up.

The last part is also a bit amusing to me. As many of those now screaming about PC culture were the ones that started that trend in the first place. Kids are not dumb, they know if they won or loss.

However, that can go too far one way can't it? You also do not want to teach kids that you are either the winner or the loser. There are all sorts of things in there. In life most of us lose more than we win, or at least tend to remember those more.

    Words people use to cause hate or the sheer purpose of hurting someone...yes we should try to be PC and avoid such things. If we see injustices in the world we should feel free to speak up and say "This is WRONG". But to me SJW are those who take this too far, and actually strangle freedom of speech and try to coerce you to their way of thinking and attempt to manipulate your mind and take away independent thought.

I tried to make this point a bit below, but I disagree with some of this. As I have seen many also use the term to dismiss speech too. Many times if a reasonable point is made.


      At its worst, I think the SJW label is used to justify prejudices and racism. I would like this term to disappear entirely.

    Yes....sadly some use it this way for sure. And its terrible. But racism is not restricted to only one group. Sadly everyone is racist. It's something we each and every one of us needs to fight against, as in fight against our own inner darkness. Not everyone is racist to the same level, some people learn to overcome this fully even I believe. But anyone who says they are not racist or "cannot" be racist are the most racist of all.

I agree with most of this, but I think the levels are worth pointing out. It is an inner struggle for some people, for many that use this term with abandon it is not. Many of the people with the views that could be considered the most racist are those that see no problem with what they are saying.

And there are many of those people that will throw this word out or things like snowflake casually.

    The reason SJW is so offensive imho to many is they sense the truth behind it...not saying its completely true, simply that there is some validity behind its use...and ugly truths make us uncomfortable.

One could say this for many things though. One could be offended that their opinion is just being cast aside and they are being dismissed out of turn.

IMO, that is the more offensive part of it.

Going after aspects of PC culture is something I think is needed but the battle against it has also gone too far. There are many examples that think PC should die and they should be able to say whatever they want and let their worst impulses out.

PC at the core is not being a jerk to other people and taking other people's feelings into account.

Would one have gone into a room of Holocaust survivors and just start making jokes about it? No, that would be horrible and in bad taste. To me that is what being PC is about more than anything.

The issue still breaks down into what one person sees as a valid opinion or not and shutting down someone else's. Heck, I have seen creationists use this term (SJW) on threads in facebook to attack anybody believing in evolution. It is used pretty poorly in many paces.

Look Raist bunnies...
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