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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 at 01:06:38 pm CDT (Viewed 966 times)
Reply Subj: A response to Jesusfan.
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This is a reply to Jesusfan, following a discussion on the Doctor Who board, which has turned into a discussion on religion.

Apologies for any confusion caused.

    So you claim to be smarter than God?

    Nice trick!

Well, I only actually claimed to be smarter than Jesus. But now you come to mention it...

Yes, I'm smarter than the god too.

The bible is basically a list of god's failures. Just take a look at his three 'greatest hits': First, the creation itself. He makes the universe, makes the world, then tops it with his greatest creation...man. And man was supposed to live in paradise - Eden -forever. Didn't end well.

A few thousand years later, god sees his creation isn't going the way he wants, and comes up with plan B: To become the greatest mass murderer in history by sending a flood. But the 8 people he lets live will have offspring who will be as good as them and put the world to rights, right?

Wrong. Failure #2.

God's last attempt to sort things out happens 2000 years ago. The great plan? To send himself to Earth disguised as a man so that he can sacrifice himself TO himself so that he can forgive us.

However, he decides to materialise not in the most powerful country on the planet, not in the most prosperous, or populous, or most civilised, but in one of the most backwards and brutal countries in the middle east. And 'proclaims' his message through authority, personal revelation and prophecy. Basically in ways that absolutely guarantee that whole swathes of humanity won't believe it.

At this point, god's 0 for 3 and swinging wildly.

But his failure goes deeper than that.

Imagine that you are god. Standing in a time before the creation. You can do anything you want. Create whatever you want in whichever way you want. NOTHING is beyond you.

Wouldn't you create a better world than the one we've got? Wouldn't you make humans better than they are? Put them in a universe that's not 99.9% lethal to them? Create a world without bone cancer for children (Or cancer at all, come to that), without diseases that cause terrible, painful deaths? Where there are no predators that can kill you? Where food is plentiful for everyone?

No, sorry, but the Christian god shows an incredible lack of imagination.

And yes, I can outthink him at every turn.

Am I smarter than god? You bet. By a country mile.


God created the entire Universe from NOTHING, as he only is ternal, and so can you do that, or can science explain how that the matter and energy that can never be destroyed/created really came forth from nothing then?

And God gave to manking free will, so any and all failure would be due to our choices, and not to do with God...

His ONLY plan has always been to have the sin of all of mankind dealt with, as that was provided for us in the death of the Son of God jesus Himself...

God will one day judge all evil and sin, so we all shoiudl be glad that Hitler and jack the ripper did not jsut get away with their crines period.

The resurrection of jesus is perhaps the single most attested to nd documented event of the historical past, for what cause a band of misfits become bold enough to stand up to the might of Rome, unless they actually believed that they had seen the risen Jesus?

And why did a fervent enemy of Jesus, Saul of tarsus become his greatest follower overnight? n of being smart enough, its being willing to look at all ofthe facts in an honest and objective manner!

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