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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 at 05:39:28 pm EDT (Viewed 699 times)
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    There are several historians who validated the existence of Jesus, that he was tried and executed by Pontius Pilte...

Not one historian anywhere can validate the existence of Jesus. There are no records of his birth, death, trial and execution...nothing. No one - no one at all - wrote about him during his lifetime. All we have are a handful of Christian writings by someone who never met him (Paul), and four gospels produced long after his death, again produced by people who didn't know him.

So his existence can't be definitively validated.

However, for various technical reasons concerning the gospels themselves the majority of historians (Even the atheist ones) think that it's probable that he did exist. What they DON'T think though, is that he was anything more than a man. They don't think he was divine at all.

    The things about the resurrection are: Where is His body, if all of the Apostles knew it was just a lie/myth, NONE cracked and give it up? And why have women has being the first eyewitnesses to that event, as they meant little as testimonies at that time, and again, why did paul change and die for sake of Jesus?

Where is his body?

Buried in a mass grave somewhere in the vicinity of Golgotha.

Despite the gospel accounts, there is no ancient source that says anyone was ever let down from the cross. Whenever crucifixion was used as a method of execution, the bodies were always left there until they rotted as a warning to anyone thinking about taking on Rome.

The gospel accounts of Jesus' body being removed within hours and placed in a tomb are without doubt fictions.

Why were women used as the first witnesses?

Because there was no way around it. Women were traditionally the ones to prepare bodies after death. If the gospel authors had used men - the disciples for example - it would have cast suspicion on the story.

This Saul thing again...

Yes, he came to believe in Jesus, and yes, he died for his faith. But that's meaningless. Please understand it's not a good argument. Just because someone THINKS something is true, that doesn't mean it IS true, no matter how convinced they are.

The muslims who destroyed the Twin Towers were all convinced that Jesus was only a prophet and not divine, that Christianity is wrong and Islam is the one true religion. And THEY were so convinced of it that THEY died for it.

Does that make their beliefs true?

Of course not. But by your argument, it does.