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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 at 08:05:17 pm EDT (Viewed 816 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
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    God created the entire Universe from NOTHING, as he only is ternal, and so can you do that, or can science explain how that the matter and energy that can never be destroyed/created really came forth from nothing then?

The original question was whether Ancient One is smarter than God, not whether he's more powerful. Don't move the goal posts. Also, there's no proof that God created the universe or that there even is a God. Whenever I get into debates over the proposition, "God exists," I don't focus on the "exists" part but on the "God" part. Try to define "God" in something more than vague generalities. You can't. How can you know something exists when you don't even know what that something is? Is He physical? Is He somewhere in the universe such that you can locate Him? What does He look like? Smell like? Is He composed of atoms? Is He something else? If so, what? You don't know. What does it mean for something undefinable to exist? It means nothing.

    And God gave to manking free will, so any and all failure would be due to our choices, and not to do with God...

What makes you think we have free will? Certainly our genes contribute to our attributes and thus to our decision making. Certainly the environment in which we grew up affects our preferences. If you want an ice cream after seeing a commercial, is that your free will doing the choosing? Companies pay millions of dollars for ads. If those ads didn't work, then they wouldn't exist. If you're taught by birth to be Muslim, it's highly unlikely you would choose Christianity as your religion. Isn't that really, really unfair for God to hold an Iranian to the same standards as someone born in the United States and condemn them to Hell for being an unbeliever? But if you don't think biology or environment affects your choices, then what does it mean to choose? It's either a causal determination or it's random. If it's random, is that really a choice either? No.

    His ONLY plan has always been to have the sin of all of mankind dealt with, as that was provided for us in the death of the Son of God jesus Himself...

That couldn't have been his ONLY plan. The Bible is filled with tons of other stuff too, and as Ancient One notes, several of God's failures.

    God will one day judge all evil and sin, so we all shoiudl be glad that Hitler and jack the ripper did not jsut get away with their crines period.

Didn't Jesus say not to judge? Aren't you judging right here and therefore being un-Christian-like?

    The resurrection of jesus is perhaps the single most attested to nd documented event of the historical past, for what cause a band of misfits become bold enough to stand up to the might of Rome, unless they actually believed that they had seen the risen Jesus?

Uh, virtually all of actual history is better attested to and documented than the resurrection of Jesus. Basically no non-Christian historian considers Jesus' resurrection to be fact and there's some question as to whether Jesus even existed.

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