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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
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    God created the entire Universe from NOTHING, as he only is ternal, and so can you do that, or can science explain how that the matter and energy that can never be destroyed/created really came forth from nothing then?

How do you know the universe came from nothing?

Our physics can only take us back to a split second after the big bang, and even then can only describe what happened IN this universe. But nature never to our knowledge makes anything in ones. Why only one universe? We may well live in an eternal multiverse, which may in itself be part of an even bigger structure.

So you can't definitively say the universe came from nothing.

    And God gave to manking free will, so any and all failure would be due to our choices, and not to do with God...

If you give people free will, and then get pissy because you don't like the choices they make, and threaten them with eternal agony if they don't do exactly as you say, then they don't have free will. That's a dictatorship.

    His ONLY plan has always been to have the sin of all of mankind dealt with, as that was provided for us in the death of the Son of God jesus Himself...

    God will one day judge all evil and sin, so we all shoiudl be glad that Hitler and jack the ripper did not jsut get away with their crines period.

How do we know that? Maybe Hitler and Jack truly repented before their deaths. Now, your religion tells us that if that's the case, they're in paradise today. So, they really did get away with it.

That's about as far removed from a just system as I can possibly imagine.

    The resurrection of jesus is perhaps the single most attested to nd documented event of the historical past, for what cause a band of misfits become bold enough to stand up to the might of Rome, unless they actually believed that they had seen the risen Jesus?

Rubbish. it's attested to a grand total of three times (Matthew, Luke and John), and as at least two of those used the same source, the number of independent attestations may be as low as...one, and even that not a first-hand eyewitness testimony.

    And why did a fervent enemy of Jesus, Saul of tarsus become his greatest follower overnight? n of being smart enough, its being willing to look at all ofthe facts in an honest and objective manner!

A combination of sunstroke, and probably a huge guilt trip at being a murderer. No mystery there.

The REAL question is: If Saul's story is true, why did god choose ONLY to reveal himself to him? Why not to his travelling companions too? Come to that, why not to everyone one Earth? THAT would solve the question of belief in seconds.

Aaaaaand...I've just out-thought god again!

Paul used the phrase that had Jesus beiung in the very form of God, and deciding to come to Earth as a servant in Phillipians, and historians trace that held belief to with 2 years of the actual time of the death of jesus. So within a few years there was already theolgy agreed upon that Jesus was divine, and was the sent Messiah, who was raised from the dead. All of the Gospels also were written by either direct eyewitneeses to all of those facts recorded down, as well as interviewing those who were right there.

Again, all you have to do is to raise the dead, heal illnesses, and get raised back from certifierd death in order to disprove this!

Jesus saw Himself as nbeing the Son of Mna/God, and that ones eternal destiny was tied into how you viewed Him...

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