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    The basic problem here is that there is indeed historical proofs for Jesus , and for Christianity, but its not a lack of facts, its a lack of faith!

Yes indeed. But not one shred of historical proof of his divinity, nor that a god exists.

A lack of faith is a wonderful thing to have. Or, to put it another way, faith is a dumb thing to have. See my reply to bd2999 at the bottom of this thread.

We need FAR better methods of discovering the truth of scripture than faith. And we have them. Proper, tried and tested scientific methods that really do tell us the truth about the world and the universe we live in.

Faith is nothing but a barrier to people's knowledge.

Fact: The Earth is much older than 10,000 years old. The universe is far older again.

Fact: Genesis didn't happen. Evolution did.

Fact: There was no worldwide flood.

Science and scholarship has told us many other facts about the bible that prove whole swathes of it to be nothing more than myth. It's historically inaccurate. It has many, many errors. It contradicts itself in many other places.

Faith stops many Christians from accepting these facts as truth. And that's okay. That's cool. The world will keep turning and knowledge will keep increasing whether they participate or not. Doesn't matter. The facts aren't going to go away, not all the wishful thinking in the world isn't going to make that happen. Christians have been trying for a century and a half to disprove Darwin. Not going to happen. All that's happening is that Christians are getting more and more out of touch with current knowledge.

Forget the rapture. If you truly want to get 'left behind'...

Have faith.

Evolution has NO realcientific proof/truths behind it, as it was created in order to fit a worldvirew that denies there is a God.

Where and how did first life originate gere on earth?

Has there EVER been observed/shown a change from obne species/kind into another one?

And how and what would cause the Dna to add extra data in order to make that change, as there is NO known way to have that done in the wild?

And do you see mankind as just another animal,no different than apes and other primates, or are we different and unique in some fashion?