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Subj: Re: Regarding that mess in Virginia
Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 at 08:10:55 pm EDT (Viewed 985 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Regarding that mess in Virginia
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      There were HUNDREDS of the left socialist groups, you know, the very ones that rioted and caused all of that damage on inaguration day!

    There is alot to unpack age here.

    1. Being a left or liberal leaning group does not make the group socialist. No more than a conservative group would be the same as a hate group in and of itself.

You're right, it doesn't. But there were actual anti-capitalist, communist groups there. You don't seem to be familiar with all the facts.

    2. What does inaugration day have to do with the current issue?

    3. The counter protests were much smaller than the main protests in the recent example.


      Just saying that both the extreme right AND left were willing to fight to the death there...

    You are going to need to be clearer. Who did the left kill at the recent event? And if you are comparing moral equivalency than are those with Nazi and confederate flags with torches and guns now on equal footing with unarmed counter protesters?

If you believe the counter protesters were unarmed, then again, you are not informed of all the facts.

    Is that what the right is now? If extreme left is standing against that than I think we should be very afraid for the direction of the country if accepting that sort of hatred is ok.


You have to define what you mean by "accepting" hatred. Do you include allowing people who have a legal permit for a public space to exercise free speech? If so, then yes, we have to accept hatred. We can shun people with rotten, hate-filled hearts, we can ignore them, we can oppose their speech with enlightened speech. But we cannot condone violence against them *before* they have acted against anyone.

And lets be clear the murder of Heather Heyer was after the violence started and escalated out of control. I hope James Fields punished as far as the law will allow.

But the murder of Heather Heyer is being used to retroactively excuse the violence of the counter protesters. The violence erupted first. Counter protesters came fully armed first. The fighting between groups occurred first. The murder of poor Heather Heyer does not mean violence on behalf of the counter protesters was valid.