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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 at 08:55:29 am EDT (Viewed 855 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
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    Evolution has NO realcientific proof/truths behind it, as it was created in order to fit a worldvirew that denies there is a God.

Yes it does. It is one of the most well supported theories in all of science. It has nothing to do with God or proving or disproving there is one.

It simply is.

    Where and how did first life originate gere on earth?

This is not evolution but abiogenesis. Evolution depends on life already existing. Nobody totally knows how life came about. There are multiple hypothesis out there. Some with more proof than others.

    Has there EVER been observed/shown a change from obne species/kind into another one?

Yes. It is just going to depend if you would believe it when I told you about it.

Defining species is a tricky thing and we see that sort of stuff all of the time. Or fairly commonly. In terms of the Bible, kind is not well defined. Different creationists or ID proponents all define it differently.

There are loads of transitional forms in the fossil record itself and there are instances of evolution observed in modern times as well. So much so that even creationists anymore will acknowledge what they term microevolution. But by accepting that it really becomes kind of goofy to say it is not occuring. As at the genetic level is the force behind evolution.

    And how and what would cause the Dna to add extra data in order to make that change, as there is NO known way to have that done in the wild?

What do you mean by data? To give a simple example, gaining DNA is easy. Particularly for microbes. Conjugation, transduction or viral infection, transposons. These sorts of things can transfer useful genes and then become trapped.

Evolution generally modifies what is there. Chromosomal duplication events (gene duplication), insertions and various mutatons can change what a gene codes for and greatly change the nature of the organism.

It really does not require extra DNA but changes what is there but mechanisms are available for new DNA to become present. The cool thing is how these systems become regulated together. At least to me. That sort of thing does not happen overnight.

    And do you see mankind as just another animal,no different than apes and other primates, or are we different and unique in some fashion?

Why does it matter? It has no impact on the Theory of Evolution. It should not on ones beliefs either.

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