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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 at 12:43:29 pm EDT (Viewed 901 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
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    Again, Evolution has NO answer to ultimate Origin of life
    NO real transition fossils have ever been found
    NO species change has ever been onserved
    The Dating Methods used are historical very inaccurate

    And Humans are of a quality unlike any other animal on earth...

    We are fully self aware....

1. Evolution is not about the origin's of life. It is about the change of life. That is all it is. The mechanisms of change and common ancestory. Abiogenesis is a separate field. Life could come from any source and Evolution would still hold.

2. They have


That is a quick overview but not complete. Keep in mind there are numerous fossils with features that are later seen in other forms.


I wish I had the time to pull from some better sources but the wiki page gives some of the links. There are many transitional forms present.

3. They have. But what is your definition of changes?

E. coli could be altered to utilize citrate for instance, it normally could not. And in fairly short time. Studies of antibiotic resistance in microbes demonstrate how fast it can be too.

Speciation is a hot topic in biology and definitions can be hard at times.

"For example, there were the two new species of American goatsbeards (or salsifies, genus Tragopogon) that sprung into existence in the past century. In the early 1900s, three species of these wildflowers - the western salsify (T. dubius), the meadow salsify (T. pratensis), and the oyster plant (T. porrifolius) - were introduced to the United States from Europe. As their populations expanded, the species interacted, often producing sterile hybrids. But by the 1950s, scientists realized that there were two new variations of goatsbeard growing. While they looked like hybrids, they weren't sterile. They were perfectly capable of reproducing with their own kind but not with any of the original three species - the classic definition of a new species."

There is much more microbial material because humans live a fairly short period but we have seen it, that was just a quick example.

In fact, if you want to get down to it we have breed new species of animals and plants over human generations using the same general selection tools.

4. They are pretty accurate. There is error to them but you would need to provide some evidence of that. As most ID claims of them being wrong turn out to be fairly incorrect and misleading.

I have seen reports of hammers being dated millions of years old but either the data for this is not shared or is false.

What do you mean quality?

Animals can feel and think to degrees that we did not think possible for quite a while. Humans are unique to animals in some ways but that does not in and of itself prove anything of religious import. As we also have many of the same tendencies that animals do.

Are humans special? In our ability to adapt to numerous environments they are. And in the ability to understand the long term consequences of actions taken. But these have been of mixed value. WE still even carry many responses of our ancestors.

Look Raist bunnies...
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