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Subj: Re: So far 300,000+ signatures requesting that antifa be called a terrorist group by The White House (edited)
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      No, I don't think Black Pride is racist, because in this context black pride is more about black culture and black heritage in America. The reason "White Pride" doesn't work in the context of culture is because whites who migrated to this country did so voluntarily, thus they retained the cultures distinct to their place of origin. Irish, German, French, Spanish and Italian; these cultures are all celebrated in the US with nary an issue from anyone. Blacks don't have this privilege. Our ancestors came here involuntarily, and in the process their African cultures were taken from them. And since we're obviously not of European ancestry, this left us with no choice but to form our own culture through a shared history that stretches no further than to slavery in the US.

    You stated that just the words White Pride sounded racist.
    To me that clearly sounds of a racist view, since you based it on nothing other than the 2 words.

White Pride sounds racist because it's race-based. It's about pride in one's race, whereas Black Pride is about black culture in the US. Also, as far as I know the etymology of White Pride is based on the idea of white supremacy, particularly over blacks.

    We have an African American month. Is Black history celebrated or not during this time?

Of course. Don't really see what this has to do with what I said though.

    So you formed your own culture? Why are you now segregating yourself? Why can it not be part of the melting pot of American culture? I tend to believe it is myself...why the desire to segregate it though?

Why are we segregating ourselves? Personally, I'm as against black separatism as I am against any form of supremacy, and in today's world I'd protest ideas of black supremacy till I'm blue in the face. Like all other cultures, I believe ours should be distinct, but also celebrated by all. Unfortunately not everyone feels this way; for instance, St. Patrick's Day (distinctly Irish) is celebrated by all, while large swaths of the population refuse to recognize distinctly black holidays like MLK's Birthday. While it's unfortunate, I imagine that the bitterness over this reality has a lot to do with why some blacks want to keep black culture separate.

To answer your question, Black Pride as a culture began as a direct response to predominant white supremacy, to sentiments of black inferiority, and to separate but equal doctrine. In short, we did not segregate ourselves.

    IMO this is one of the problems in the USA. We all live in the same country and all "should" have the same rights. But everyone seems to be promoting THEIR racial-sexual-etc culture over others. And no I am not giving "Whitey" a pass here..."Whitey" has this problem on an epic level.

There's your answer right there. People are promoting their culture precisely because their culture has been held back; it has nothing to do with thinking our way is better or right. Some of us realize this. I'm straight as straight can get, but I applaud Gay Pride in part because of all the contempt it's forced to endure.

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