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Subj: Re: So far 300,000+ signatures requesting that antifa be called a terrorist group by The White House (edited)
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 08:27:55 am EDT (Viewed 384 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So far 300,000+ signatures requesting that antifa be called a terrorist group by The White House (edited)
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 05:10:05 pm EDT (Viewed 383 times)

    Black pride
    White Pride

    That is taking them totally out of historical context though. As the experiences of the different groups are not that comparable.

Not at all.

1)I stated if there was some common usage of it fine that makes sense. And if so it is right to treat it as such.

2)It was stated that even if it wasn't history/context the words themselves just sound racist (the White ones). And that's what I thought was a bad sig.


      The difference is ONLY White and Black. If it has become something else in daily use then ok. But just taken as they are...should be seen as essentially the same thing. Pride for White or Black.

    Only if one ignores history and assume that the past has no barring on current attitudes or judgements. And that the use itself is not important or who is saying it.

Which was what was being addressed there.

    As few white's have much issue with somebody of Irish or German decent celebrating their heritage. Many more have issue with African American's doing it.

Based on your feelings perhaps.


      I find it somewhat telling that there seems to be an issue when someone asks me what I am and I say an American/US Citizen. But others are Fill in the blank-American.

    I think this still ignores a fair bit of history though. Why do those groups feel the particular need? What was the oppressive group in the matter?

Throughout history every group has been oppressed by one or another. Its sad and terrible. And is good to make sure people know these things...its also good not to blame others for things they did not do or imply its their fault. It's good to share and do our best to see we don't do these again and stop what is still being done. This is done through understanding though not accusations.

    It does not mean that all white people are evil but it is impossible to argue that White people of European descent did good and bad things in the past. Particularly to their fellow man. In particular, trying to destroy their heritage. Native American's are the easy example, AAs are also easy. At various points they even did it to other Europeans like the Irish.

So has every other race and nationality. The number one mass murder on the face of the Earth was asian. Do we vilify asians for this or say things like..."well this doesn't mean that all asian people are evil but..."?

Africa has a history of this as well...including do it to their own people..."well this doesn't mean that all black people are evil but..."?

This does not relieve whitey of their part in this. But its a fact humans do these terrible things to humans, and we all need to stop.

    And some white's do point out their heritage. I think it is wrong to assume that there is something wrong with celebrating diversity. Is it true we are American's? Sure, but at the same time we are not the borg either. Not everybody needs to feel and act the same way. Given their experience and history of experience of their parents and the like it is not possible for everybody to think American means the same thing.

I never said we should not celebrate diversity. I think diversity is wonderful. And sure some white men do. But you don't see the "Nationality" part of Nationality-American accentuated very often. And it makes me wonder about this. The first word is stressed rather than descriptive.

Who is claiming that SJW's are removing diversity? That's would completely invalidate all their virtue signaling.

    It does not. At best it can be an ideal. But celebration of differences is a good thing. Or at least can be. At the moment the drive seems to be about as bad as some claim SJW are. Removing diversity and ignoring history.

    Ironically, from many of those that are all about preserving confederate history at all costs in the forms of statues.


      WTHeck is wrong with just being an American? That people put "Fill-in-the-blank"-American is segregationist.

    No it is not. I would like to hear the grounds you make the claim on though. As that assumption pretty much means one has to ignore history and everything else.

Ignore what part of history? And if you just mention oppression that's not enough either...oppression where? Here? Where someone comes from? Many seem to like to only address the parts of history that support their argument.

    Everybody is not starting on square 0 here. Not all whites have it good either, but if one compares races than it is clearly out in front.


      Be it a color or a state or a religion...I don't think it should matter if we want to be a unified country accepting of the differences is others.

    Religion is a choice. It is protected in the Constitution but is probably the hardest thing to define in any realistic way. Race is just a property. There is not something anybody can do about it. Not the same.

So is the choice on how you identify yourself. American 1st? Or something else first? I will give you an annoys me just as much as almost every Texan I have ever met is...I am Texan 1st and American second. That...disturbs me. Just as if someone says I am an Irish person first and a American second. It implies...quite a bit.

    A christian could become an atheist or numerous other things. A black guy is a black guy.

In todays ever shifting world even that's not true anymore...ask the transgenders.

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