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Subj: Re: NFL and kneeling
Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 at 01:47:56 pm EDT (Viewed 786 times)
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Just wondering about everyone's position here.

While I sympathize with (Kaepernick's) initial reasoning, I'm not sure I agree with kneeling. Whatever social niggles the US has, the flag and National Anthem are as much to honor those who fought and/or died for the country.

That said, my opinion shifted once Trump weighed in. A President suggesting people be fired (i.e. punished) for kneeling during the National Anthem makes it a direct case of government interfering with freedom of speech, something those same soldiers fought and died defending.

An unneeded battle it would seem for Trump but sometimes I wonder if it's on purpose. It's almost like he's trying to always keep his base wound up.

At least he only suggested what the NFL should do, unlike the previous administration which actually used the power of the govt to go after the Wash Redskins trademark and ended up getting rebuked by an unanimous decision from the Supreme Court.

I bet the guy at Google, who got fired for espousing his views on company time - same thing NFL players are doing, is wondering where all the 'free speech' defenders were then. Of course he has as much right to express his private views on company time as the NFL players do - zero.