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Subj: Re: North Korean situation
Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 at 04:49:36 pm EDT (Viewed 200 times)
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What should the world do about it?

1)Leave them alone and let them build up whatever arsenal they want and stay out of their hair?

2)Continue asking for more sanctions from the rest of the world (that does not always get agreement)

3)Attack them in some form?

4)Invite them into the world and make them full partners?

5)Something else?

It is a hard situation, but I would feel better if we did not have an egomaniac at the wheel. The threats do nothing but boost the NK's. As it is what they do.

A military strike is not warranted as of yet. If they attack South Korea, Japan or someone than it should be. They are going to be for their own preservation, so bombing the US would be out, just threats. At least in my view.

At the moment increased economic pain would be best but they have been under that for ages. Their people suffer quite a bit. And that feeds into their propaganda arm.

Unless the international community can majorly get China on board the options are a bit limited. The goal should be to get the international community as a whole in on this and do things as one.

It is not perfect at all, but it is the best approach, and continued approach. I have not heard reports of that happening though. Trump seems more likely to want the praise of dictators than traditional allies or have visible but pointless spats with China. So long as they approve his business interests.

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