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Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 at 01:42:09 pm CDT (Viewed 773 times)
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Just wondering about everyone's position here.

While I sympathize with (Kaepernick's) initial reasoning, I'm not sure I agree with kneeling. Whatever social niggles the US has, the flag and National Anthem are as much to honor those who fought and/or died for the country.

That said, my opinion shifted once Trump weighed in. A President suggesting people be fired (i.e. punished) for kneeling during the National Anthem makes it a direct case of government interfering with freedom of speech, something those same soldiers fought and died defending.

It was a peaceful protest that was turned into a huge deal because the President said some tone-deaf things about it on Twitter. Given the reason for the protest and Trump's newfound reputation for being sympathetic to the white supremacist movement, it exploded.

Why did it become a big deal? Only because of those tweets. Here we are, still talking about it.

Meanwhile, Kushner, Priebus and Bannon were all caught using PRIVATE E-MAIL SERVERS >gasp!< to send potentially classified information. That barely saw any coverage, because this football controversy seems juicier.

Whenever the President does anything transparently bone-headed that gets huge coverage, ask yourself what else is happening in the world and if the timing is suspicious.>

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