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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 at 10:31:06 am CDT (Viewed 613 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
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    Well there are a lot of things we still cant measure...Dark matter etc...just saying being finite creatures there is no way to prove or disprove and infinite being/concept.

You're right, but though we can't directly analyse dark matter it has an effect, and we can measure the effect. We can do the same for the claim of the Abrahamic god.

    Well its not that simple...ONLY Faith healing...ignoring modern medicine etc...that can be very detrimental.

People like to tell you it's not that simple, but it really is. Tried and tested medicine works, nothing else does.

Faith healing and 'alternative medicines' are often lethal. Why would you go to a doctor to cure your cancer when you believe that your pastor has already cured it? Why spend large amounts of money on doctors to treat your progressive illness when 'alternative medicine' claims to do a better job, cheaper? And by the time you find out you're wrong, it's often too late.

Your point about the placebo effect is a very valid one. The 'alternative medicine' industry in particular makes great capital out of it. However, we see exactly the same effect in mainstream medicine. Doctors just don't shout about it as much, though they certainly acknowledge it's benefits.

I think it's a failing that doctors and scientists aren't supported more by the media. A doctor can perform a procedure a thousand times to an acceptable result, and the ONE time it fails, or he or she gets a judgement call wrong, it's pounced on by the press. So it's easy for science and medicine to get bad press, but because of this ridiculous tendency towards supernatural thinking (There are things science can't explain. There are more things in heaven and earth, etc) alternative treatments almost always get positive write-ups, despite having far higher mortality rates,

If people were taught how to research and - very importantly - how to evaluate evidence properly. If they were taught to stop thinking magically, if we could bolster trust in our doctors and medical procedures, the perhaps we'd see a rise in the placebo effect in mainstream medicine. And of course, the amount of people being actually cured would rise as well.

    Faith and belief (when positive) + modern medicine not really detrimental. Morale is important...if faith gives you the morale to keep on going, then its helpful. If it makes you just give up...its detrimental.

    That person but not everyone. Also there are a lot of odd passages in the bible about things like crop rotation and so on...some of which was actually useful. Many hands many changes. Most homophobes are usually gay people in denial and full of self loathing. It's too bad they just cant accept their own nature and understand it is not inherently wrong.

Yes, there are more than a few good ideas in the bible. But we already had those ideas without the book. No priest came up with the idea of crop rotation. Farmers did. All the good stuff about love, morals and ethics were already being practiced for thousands of years by humans. And you have to weigh the good in the bible with the bad. Hey, I may make a meme out of it:

'For every crop rotation, there's a genital mutilation'.

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