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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 at 09:10:22 am CDT (Viewed 376 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
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        To be honest he is not saying he hates gays.


          There is a difference between disapproving of something someone does and hating them. For some it is both and that's a bad thing. But hes free to disapprove of homosexual activity as long as he does not cause harm and is willing to accept your disapproval of him.


        I disagree that it is ok though. One can have a basis for nearly any prejudice but that does not make them ok. People had Biblical reasons for racism, sexism and nearly every other ism you want. It is just a matter of what is needed to be justified at the time.


          And while one person may not make a difference with their opinion it does make a powerful push when political parties take up that mantle and try to use religion as an excuse at various levels and places to make disliking those people legal or lawful.


            Then it very much becomes hurting those people. Either financially, emotionally or potentially even physically.


              To me that is why that sort of thinking goes too far. If it was just a personal belief it is still not ok morally speaking, but it is not bothering anybody. At this point, at least in the US, it seems that the most vocal Christian groups use attacking homosexuality as THE defining Christian trait.

    Not sure we are disagreeing here. I am simply stating he can have his belief that being gay is wrong...but not hate a person for it. it is not the same thing.

I know, I am just trying to point out that enough people with this view amounts to the same thing. If it is hating the person or the behavior and pushing decisions on a societal level than the only difference is how bad it is. Nothing good comes of it.

For some reason we are cool with it for say homosexuality to be disliked based on how they lead their lives. I just start to struggle seeing how that same logic cannot be used for other things.

I agree that an individual can think what they want, etc. However, it does have dangers to it. As people rarely keep to themselves.

    Many Christians don't care of your gay or not...its usually the more repressive versions. Muslims seem to be taking it far more extreme than any Christians currently at least.

I do not know what is going on with Muslims. I can only comment that religious conservatives and Christians have more say over policy than Muslims. Who are often ignored.

Nor am I exonerating any other religion for similar views. It is wrong either way, but Christians (particularly on the right) are the ones that are successful getting people elected with angry views of Christianity.

    I forget where I read this...maybe in college. They have found a trend...when there is a greater population within a species, or also with humans as they become culturally more advanced as a society, there are more gay members of that group/species/country.

I am not familiar with it. However, it would not be surprising that as a population gets larger there would be more gay individuals in it. Just a percentages game.

    Kind of makes sense.
    1) you over populate you need less # of people. And homosexuality in greater numbers would lower birth rates.
    2)Culturally...the self-awareness to realize there is nothing even remotely wrong about loving someone or being sexually attracted to them based on their sex.

I am not sure I know the first part has much basis. I may be wrong, but from what I know the level of homosexuality in a population never reaches that sort of level. Usually developed societies have fewer births based on economic constraints and other things.

Even animals have homosexuality in their midst. It is just a natural thing. It is a minority in whatever case, but it is there and always will be.

I wish the second part was true, and it may be. I do think that generationally folks are more tolerant of it, but right now the battles rage on. At least by loud mouths that think the gays are destroying everything and everyone.

    possibly even more reasons

    As culturally mocked we are in the can see the difference through our history as we grow older and wiser (in some ways).

To a point, in many ways we are the same but just different issues. And many of those issues that were thought to be over are being fought again to varying degrees.

There are countries where things are worse for sure. Countries in Africa and the Middle East, but it does not change that there are a large number of people in the US with similar views.

Not long ago, for instance, former HHS director's wife (an MD herself) wondered if we couldn't just quarantine everybody with HIV since they are living longer. In her mind this means higher chance of infection than before (where they just died). This is tangentially related to homosexuality but is extremely angry. Given there are good treatments for HIV at this point. To me that was striking. And there are many who think that for various things.

And most of them are going to think it regardless of any evidence, partly because it is based on religion.

Look Raist bunnies...
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