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Subj: Re: A response to Jesusfan.
Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 at 01:51:24 pm EDT (Viewed 392 times)
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      I don't think it does at all. Saying you don't approve of someone's choice does not always mean you feel superior. It can though. But that's also human nature...people often "feel" superior when they think they are in the right.


        I would say gay people feel morally superior to those who disapprove of them.

    No you aren't getting it. If you're an oppressed minority like gays it doesn't matter if you feel superior because society is oppressing you and you don't have any power!

I would not go this far. Not saying things cant be improved but special interests groups have power.

    It's the same argument that happens when people talk about Black issues.

Yes...and the Black minority and special interest groups have a LOT of power. To say they have no power is false.

    And someones says something like "well, Blacks are mean to cops."

People say a lot of things on both sides of the issue...whats often forgotten is Cops consist of Black people too. Cops are their own minority and special interest group.

    Blacks are profiled by cops, Blacks are made to be second class citizens in America. That's the underlying issue because the cops are the ones in power not the Blacks.

The cops have their power over everyone. Why is it always the blacks? What about Hispanics or Asians or many other minorities. Cops have this power over every one. Some abuse it and some do not.

    And it's the same thing with Gays. Gays aren't the ones in power. Christians are because Republicans are in power and even when they aren't they want to be and Republicans DESPERATELY want Christian votes so they do whatever ridiculous thing they think Christians might want to get the votes.

There are Christian Democrats you know? Why are you profiling all Christians as Republicans? Until both sides of an issue quit pointing fingers nothing will get resolved.

    Yes, I know not all Christians hate gays, but it is Christians that are the driving force behind a culture that oppresses them and a government that makes laws that take away their rights.

And why is the focus always on Christians? You realize Muslims in other countries are murdering gay people. Things need to improve in the US...but Profiling Christian's as haters of Gays? Is it not better to say any and all religions that judge a person in such a way?


      Personally I think everyone and everything should be occasionally mocked...if you cant laugh at yourself there are deeper issues there.

    Sure, but that's not what I'm talking about. Christians can make jokes about gays all they want and I don't really care.

I am talking about laughing at oneself...not others.

    But Christians don't want to make jokes they want to make themselves first class citizens, non-Christians second class citizens and gays third class citizens.

This is more of the profiling you accuse them of imo.



Okay, let me know if you want to stop playing word games.

Yes I could say Minorities instead of Black.- It as an example.

Yes, there are Black cops.- But Black cops are told all minorities might want to kill them, which is why many cops shoot first and ask questions second.

Yes, not all Christians are Republicans.- But Republicans are the ones willing to do dumb stuff like say businesses don't have to sell gays cakes unless they want to.

Yes things are worse in other countries.-But seeing as how I don't live in another country I'm gonna worry about here.

Yes I'm generalizing.- But I'm talking about cultural trends.


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