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Subj: Out of curiosity, who holds power at the moment?
Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 at 01:51:34 pm CST (Viewed 632 times)
Reply Subj: I'm Getting Tired Of All Of This Republican Hate And Of People Blaming Everything On Them. And Of Bias Towards Trump
Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 at 12:43:59 pm CST (Viewed 657 times)

just wondering. And are they doing nothing to warrant the criticism? I think not, it is often one stupid move after another. And it is being lead by somebody whose goal is pretty much to make everything as partisan as possible.

    Not everything is the fault of Republicans, and I think that it's sad that everyone puts the blame for most of our ills on them. I'm a Libertarian (Certainly NOT a Republican.), but honestly, I think that both parties have taken too much of a stranglehold. I think that we need a third option, and that we can (Or rather, we NEED to go beyond the two-party system.) get some more input and new approaches. It's probably never going to happen (I am an optimist in general, but I certainly don't see it happening anytime soon.). I don't know, everytime I turn on either CNN, the mainstream news or the radio, it seems that people are bashing Republicans. And the NRA is getting all the blame for these sadly more pervasive and common mass killings and shootings.
    And I'm certainly no fan of Trump (And I WOULD like to see him impeached.), but I am certainly sensing a bias in the media towards him. CNN, ABC, NBC, DEFINITELY MSNBC, etc. There is a place for that (Talk Radio.), but wasn't there a time when the news just stuck to accurate reporting or just reporting the facts WITHOUT any kind of judgement or obvious bias? You know: Facts! Or are those just days of yore?

I would argue that the news agencies are doing their job for the most part. Trump is probably the most lying president and administration ever. All presidents and politicians lie but not to this level. What we are seeing is pretty much a corrupt government run a muck for the most part and whatever negative terms you want to put on it. The destruction of various lairs of government by incompetence.

The whole modern movement that Trump came from can be blamed largely on a conservative echo chamber that is resistant to everything but itself. The only sin not forgivable is being something other than conservative.

Most of the news does report facts. The issue is, if one is a fan of Trump (not saying you) than they buy into the war with the media. Trump is by far the scariest president for the media. In addition to nearly everybody given his narcissim. I am just not sure of the idea that he is being picked on for nothing when he seems to do something directly or indirectly that is pretty rough each and every day.

Now, through the history of the US nothing is totally one sides fault or another. However, the GOP gave us Trump. More specifically the people that voted for him. The environment we have now is resistant to facts. Trump and his crew are proud of that. We have an EPA that does not trust scientist, an education department hostile to educators, a HHS department that is resistant to anything but the dollar and so on and so forth.

This is not really an example of the media or folks needlessly going after Trump. The guy deserves it. If just correcting his lies. Now he still believes those lies and uses them in policy choices. So, the damage will be pretty bad going forward.

Also, the NRA deserves a ton of blame for the current gun climate. Their view of firearm rights has more to do with them supporting the more radical views and pushing judicial activism than anything else. At this point it is possible to do nothing. some conservatives are even at the point where they will tell you straight up, people dying is just the price of freedom.

How is that not them needing blame? They are one of the most paranoid and out their groups in US politics considering what their starting point was. If anything, they are more devoted to survivalist loons than anything. At least from their rhetoric.

Look Raist bunnies...
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