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Subj: Re: Sure, lets go.
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 01:21:05 pm CST (Viewed 723 times)
Reply Subj: Sure, lets go.
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 10:19:35 am CST (Viewed 672 times)

    So if any Republican changes to the (Far) Left they can be forgiven in your eyes.

    As long as you support filth, you are filth.

...and Moral Arbiter Norvell determines who IS and IS NOT Filth, because only he has the truth.

    You can point to periods in history where humanity has utterly failed to do the right thing. Should we let them off the hook because they were large in number? How many Germans supported the Nazis?

Since you'll look to turn this around to Trump inevitably; exactly what 'Evil' has he committed?

- Do you mean the Evil of cutting down ILLEGAL immigration...something Obama was already doing.
- Do you mean the Evil of extreme vetting of migrants from Islamic countries...again you also admitted vetting was already extreme under Obama (and indeed it was Obama's list of especially problematic countries he blocked)
- Was it the Evil of Birtherism, how dare he question Obama's questionable birthplace...but lets sweep under the rug it was HILLARY who started those rumours.

Exactly what is all the evil stuff he has done because it just looks like the Left is throwing a super-meg-overdrive tantrum about absolutely nothing.

    The Milgram experiment demonstrated that humans are capable of evil with gentle nudging from an authority figure, and was specifically meant to address how the German people were able to support unspeakable atrocities in the name of nationalism.

...and Communists the world over did the same.

The threat is extremism; on both sides, and on both sides extremists are simply a vocal fringe minority (in the US at least).

If you can only see extremists on one side; that's because you are already an extremist on the other.

Now I do actually agree with you vis-a-vis the Milgram Experiment. But no Authority figure here (whether Trump, Obama, Le Pen or otherwise) is calling for unspeakable atrocities or persecution of anyone upholding the law.

    Bottom line is if you support a human who lies, cheats, steals, spews vile racist rhetoric and worse -- then you are what you are. Sorry to break it to you. more than any other politician.
Cheats/Steals...within the confines of the no more than any other businessman or woman.

...and the racist stuff is totally made up by you to demonize him and his supporters.

...and worse (again even more scaremongering totally devoid of facts or evidence).

    Both sides of extremism play at being moral arbiters...something you seem to like to do yourself.

    The bare minimum of human decency involves denouncing Trump. That's my opinion, of course.

That's your opinion (and you are entitled to it), but its one founded on pure emotional grievance rather than anything substantial like facts.

    The tweets you posted are from anonymous people that I've never heard of. Negradomas? Please.

Of course they are. Hand wave it away because you haven't heard of them even though the second link specifically had a tweet from one of the co-founders of BLM. Ignorance is bliss.

    Yes and I still didn't find anything. So feel free to post links.


    King was not a beloved person at the time, not by many whites. I bet you won't even look at the link.

I just read it but I don't see what your point is?

- That some peaceful protests spilled over into violence or riots?
- That the (then) establishment didn't love him at the time?

I don't see how any of that stems from anything MLK said as being racist, I haven't seen a single racist quote from the man.


      I like how the onus is on me to research evidence for YOUR arguments...a trick you try to pull below with the Jane Foster character.

    I present you with evidence and you say because Aaron hadn't referenced it that its totally irrelevant.

That's because it wasn't evidence, at no point is it referenced that Jane still has all Sif's memories and skills.

    The short answer being she ISN'T worthy then.

    Apparently she is.

Well she is under Aaron; but I meant she isn't justifiably worthy, just as Thor isn't justifiably unworthy. But Aaron is the writer and he can get away with whatever he wants; doesn't mean I have to like it or buy it though.

    And a better case can be made for Jane than Eric Masterson.

No there isn't.

But even going under the assumption Jane is worthy, Masterson's run was more palatable for two main reasons:

1. He wasn't a Gary Sue, he acknowledged himself as an inferior Thor, he had faults, he made mistakes he was a well rounded character.
2. De Falco didn't utterly disrespect and emasculate the real Thor while Masterson held the hammer.

Had Aaron given Jane more depth and NOT ridiculed and rubbished Thor along the way I would have been happy enough to keep buying. But his politics simply wouldn't allow that.

    Since you don't write for Marvel, you don't have a say.

The only say I have is with my money. Bye bye Axel Alonso. \:\)

    Quote: opposed to you hating on 60 million Americans, 15 million French and goodness knows how many other people all over the world.

    Yes, people that support Marine Le Pen -- a bonafide neo-fascist -- are real gems of humanity.

Who does she want to kill? I mean if she's so Evil (like everyone to the right of Karl Marx apparently) what atrocities is she calling for?

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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