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Subj: Re: Sure, lets go.
Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 at 05:02:47 pm CST (Viewed 640 times)
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    That's true, but its an opinion that demonizes millions of people simply for having different politics.

I don't consider being a bad person -- by any serious metric or standard -- to be ideological disagreement. I can't respect a political argument from someone who sets the bar for leadership so low, so lacking of any ethical value, that it can look the other way while a child-predator is ushered into Congress. But I guess he needs that vote so he can continue his ambition of robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

Understand? You can't convince me to respect your 'ideological viewpoint' on Trump. You arguments hold no sway. They are predicated on your morals, what you believe to be true, which are not the same as mine or what I believe.

    7. Calling out Fake News for exactly what it is. Fake. Too many examples of this to even know where to begin.

You've been fooled. I pity you. Where do get your information? Cite three news sources that you trust. I dare you.

    Calling SOME (of the ILLEGAL immigrants) rapists, thieves, murderers and bringing drugs, while others are good people.

No, he said SOME are good people, but the rest of rapists and murderers. Which is ridiculous on its face. Illegals commit less violent crime than American citizens.

    I think he said "The US is not loved by many Muslims"

No, he said Islam hates America. Thus, all Muslims are anti-American.

    I don't think its curious at all (and of course lets not forget the Saudi's are big Clinton donors); I think its to do with power/wealth and influence. If the US shuns/mistreats Saudi Arabia then the great likelihood is that country will take its money elsewhere.

You keep bringing up the Clintons like I care about the Clintons. Or the Democrats for that matter. I've already schooled you on this assumption. Repeatedly. You haven't been paying attention.

    So the Saudi influence on the global stage is weakening.

Not if Trump has anything to say about it. He supports MBL and his authoritarian power-grab. He tweets about it.

    So it was 'only' Hillary's Press Secretary...I am sure she knew nothing about it. ;\)

It wasn't Clinton's Press Secretary. Spin your lies elsewhere. I'm not a customer.

    ...and Communists the world over did the same.

    You're saying Nazis are bad (which I agree) but you always conveniently omit extremism on the Left. Maybe you should widen your gaze.

No, your attempt to throw spaghetti at the wall doesn't work with me. Take it elsewhere. Communism is a form of authoritarianism, and I've already denounced authoritarian regimes. Too bad the same can't be said for Trump. He lavishes praise on them, and tucks tail when Putin speaks.

    That's not whats going on in the US, France or anywhere in the western world.

Le Pen is heir to her father's ugly anti-Semitic neo-fascism. She was also bankrolled by Putin in the last election. Accept it or don't. I'm not trying to sway your opinion whatsoever.

    Communist Dictatorships
    Islamic Dictatorships
    Left-Wing Dictatorships


    Don't see any Fascist (even though the Nazis were Socialists of course) or Right Wing Dictatorships.

Oh look, historical ignorance on display by Upper Krust. The Nazis redefined Socialism as a ethnic, right-wing NATIONALIST movement. Hence the term 'National Socialism' (or Nazi). I can't believe you brought up the Nazis without actually knowing what their ideology was.

Rule #1 of a debate: Know what the hell you're talking about.

    He was seen as a threat to the establishment yes, and some of his supporters committed violence (nothing he was responsible for though) but he didn't call for any violence or racial hatred of any kind.

I never made this claim -- but instead point to people like you who (as others did with MLK) try to marginalize movements of racial equality by trying to suggest that they are inherently violent or racist. You actually put BLM on par with the neo-Nazis! That's extreme. And ugly.

    A Self sacrificing hero who does not lift the hammer for their own self aggrandizement but to specifically help others.

Where was this stated? Cite the issue number.

    1. Bill can lift the hammer because he wants it to save his people - not personal power.
    2. When Cap lifts it, its to save Thor - not himself.
    3. Masterson initially touches it while grabbing Thor's hand in an attempt to save Thor.
    4. In Thor: Son of Asgard, Thor is unable to lift the hammer until he needs it to save the kidnapped Sif.

You haven't answered my challenge. If you can't -- and you obviously can't -- then stop wasting my time.

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