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Subj: Re: Sure, lets go.
Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 02:05:05 pm EST (Viewed 623 times)
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Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 at 06:02:47 pm EST (Viewed 640 times)

    Understand? You can't convince me to respect your 'ideological viewpoint' on Trump. You arguments hold no sway. They are predicated on your morals, what you believe to be true, which are not the same as mine or what I believe.

Oh I totally understand your stance; its the stance of extremists on both sides. You demonize your political opposition* and that justifies shutting down or de-legitimizing their voice and ultimately violence against them because only you can hold the moral high ground.

*Your opinion is that anyone who leans to the right politically is an ugly human being and you have no respect for them.

I don't share that opinion of people on the Left. I think most people (right or left leaning) are not extremists or 'bad' people and just regular people concerned with their families, friends, jobs, security and general way of life.

Weirdly I actually supported some of what Bernie Sanders said when he was campaigning (as regards Health Service and Gun Ownership) but having studied things a bit more I see that they would either be impossible to implement in the US or that implementation would cause more problems than it solved.

But we now live in a culture that rewards the sort of faux-outrage ( He's literally Hitler!" ) and virtue signalling behaviour that; coupled with rampant political correctness has totally divided people along political lines. The shame is you seem to have bought into it, which is why instead of having friendly debates about comics (like yesteryear) we are where we are today. \:'\(

    7. Calling out Fake News for exactly what it is. Fake. Too many examples of this to even know where to begin.

    You've been fooled. I pity you. Where do get your information? Cite three news sources that you trust. I dare you.

We both know that ANY source I cite will have you screaming to the sky.

We also know there is only one mainstream news channel (in the US) that is not Far Left leaning.

But personally its not about news sources 'I trust' though, since I actually watch a variety of news channels (both in the UK and US), its about individual claims and the ridiculous bias from the (mostly left leaning) mainstream media on almost EVERY issue and virtually every single thing Trump does. People see it for what it is and are sick of it.

    No, he said SOME are good people, but the rest of rapists and murderers. Which is ridiculous on its face.

He didn't give a percentage, some probably are good people. I mean ultimately they've all broken the law because they are there illegally but I am sure many just wanted a better life for themselves.

    Illegals commit less violent crime than American citizens.

But STILL more crime than white or Asian American citizens.

    I think he said "The US is not loved by many Muslims"

    No, he said Islam hates America. Thus, all Muslims are anti-American.

If they follow the fundamentalist interpretation of Islam then they are anti-American (since America is primarily a Christian country). But that doesn't factor moderate muslims and lapsed muslims...the latter two groups are also hated by Islamic Fundamentalists.

    You keep bringing up the Clintons like I care about the Clintons. Or the Democrats for that matter. I've already schooled you on this assumption. Repeatedly. You haven't been paying attention.

I keep bringing it up because we both know you wouldn't give a diddly s*** about American politics had the Democrats won.

If you want we can start talking about Trudeau instead though, is he still giving millions of dollars to Islamic Terrorists?

    So the Saudi influence on the global stage is weakening.

    Not if Trump has anything to say about it. He supports MBL and his authoritarian power-grab. He tweets about it.

I think its too early to say whether its a good or bad thing for the country and the Middle East as a whole. Trump's reasoning could be that a strong unified Saudi would be a good ally to have against Iran.

    No, your attempt to throw spaghetti at the wall doesn't work with me. Take it elsewhere. Communism is a form of authoritarianism, and I've already denounced authoritarian regimes.

According to you Nazis are everywhere but people 'probably' join Antifa for a friendly meet and greet opportunity.

Double standards.

    Too bad the same can't be said for Trump. He lavishes praise on them, and tucks tail when Putin speaks.

What we have seen from the example of Iraq and Libya is that unstable countries need strong leaders to keep things under control.

I certainly don't agree with what Putin does (though again all governments break the law to serve their own ends and its hypocritical to suggest otherwise) but like Saddam in Iraq, Russia would probably be worse off without him.

    Communist Dictatorships
    Islamic Dictatorships
    Left-Wing Dictatorships


The point was to clearly illustrate that left leaning politics are MORE likely to end as Authoritarian Dictatorships.

    Rule #1 of a debate: Know what the hell you're talking about.

I certainly defer to your knowledge on Nazis...then again you see them everywhere and it basically seems to be your specialist subject.

    I never made this claim -- but instead point to people like you who (as others did with MLK) try to marginalize movements of racial equality by trying to suggest that they are inherently violent or racist.

When MLK was making his arguments and speeches not everyone had equal rights. Now they do.

    You actually put BLM on par with the neo-Nazis!

Well they are responsible for more murders and violence since 2013 than any Neo-Nazis in the US.

    That's extreme. And ugly.

I'm putting violent extremists who chant about killing the police, tweet about exterminating white people, resort to violence, rioting and murder on a par with Nazis...yes. There may well be many BLM supporters with good intentions but IMO the organisation itself is built on the faux-moral outrage (and what can we get for it) culture of the day. Yes accidents happen and the Police occasionally shoot the wrong person - but accidents happen and its a dangerous job. Maybe a few police men or women ARE bad people - but there are bad people in all walks of life.

I asked you before and I'll ask again, what rights do white people have in the US that black people don't?

If the only 'right' is that they are unevenly questioned/pulled over/stopped and frisked by Police then don't they realize its because people from their community commit crimes at a vastly higher rate?

    A Self sacrificing hero who does not lift the hammer for their own self aggrandizement but to specifically help others.

    Where was this stated? Cite the issue number.

I'm stating it now. While it was never officially 'stated' in the past it correlates with every previous lifting of the hammer.

    1. Bill can lift the hammer because he wants it to save his people - not personal power.
    2. When Cap lifts it, its to save Thor - not himself.
    3. Masterson initially touches it while grabbing Thor's hand in an attempt to save Thor.
    4. In Thor: Son of Asgard, Thor is unable to lift the hammer until he needs it to save the kidnapped Sif.

    You haven't answered my challenge. If you can't -- and you obviously can't -- then stop wasting my time.

What 'challenge'. For goodness sake get off your high horse Norvell.

The bottom line is this. Marvel under Alonso forced its (far left) politics down people's throats...a lot of people got turned off by it and the sales a result Axel Alsonso got the axe.

My challenge to you is to accept it.

People generally don't want preached to in their entertainment (whether its movies, comics, sport etc.)

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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