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Subj: Re: Honestly all I see are excuses here
Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 at 07:52:03 am CST (Viewed 442 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Honestly all I see are excuses here
Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 03:43:26 am CST (Viewed 708 times)


      Arguably because the facts don't support your argument. How many were murdered over money? Look its hate Christianity. Atheists and Muslims and every other religion just get along so great right?

    Let's be absolutely clear: I'm not keen on any religion, not just Christianity.

Ok that's fair. But is it also fair to point out that I don't think I have once seen any other religion so harped against as Christianity on this board when its coming from Atheists? I personally am Agnostic. But those against religion on this board are always using the word religion or Christianity in their examples...and often Muslims and other religions are given a pass even if its only by omission?


      You didn't dare go to that church unless you were an old woman. If you say otherwise you don't understand what happened in other countries during this time period. Period.

    Because old women were the patriots he wanted to send to war? Good thinking, Stalin.

No because they were marginalized as women and as old. Your actually supporting my statement.

The data is out there...the people who lived through it are still out there...most people dared not go to Church PERIOD.

    It doesn't matter who went, or how often, or if they took their dog and their budgie with them. I'm just saying he did it (and there was a reason he did it), and that's a point of historical fact.


      Some did some did not...this isn't the point we were talking about though.

    It's ABSOLUTELY the point. I'm talking about the overall religiosity of the population of a country. I'll set out the argument again:

Then you hijacked my point. Which is it doesn't matter if its religion or society or government or military or "fill-in-the-blank". Its power that corrupts. Not specifically religion. If religion has the power then its abusive...if not it really isn't. If its the government..Stalin...Mao...Hitler...its just as if not more (because religion pretends at least to be superior morally) horrible to people.

    Countries that are less religious - overall, among the population as well as the leaders - have lower crime rates. Countries that are more religious have higher crime rates. Less religious countries also have better records in education, living standards and human rights.

Your crisscrossing everything here.
Countries that have better living standard education and human rights have less crime...INDEPENDANT of religion or not.
Your mixing and mashing your examples haphazardly.


      Hmmm...maybe the Christian leaders didn't murder people in certain time periods because...oh maybe they were psychopaths and not because they were religious?


        You hate religion so much you cant even see this.

    I have no doubt that many of them were. But their primary motivating factor in most cases was their religious belief. Atheism was not the primary motivating factor for Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It's a crucial difference.

You KNOW their primary motive was religious? How do you know? Maybe and I think far more likely they were people of power trying to hold onto that power and abusing it. Religion was one way for them to do so.

Atheism may not have been their motivating factor...but they sure used attacking those of religion as a focus for hate. Or can you honestly say Hitler didn't use hatred against religion to help push his goals for personal power?

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