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Subj: Re: False Equivalency Alert
Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 at 01:36:10 pm CST (Viewed 650 times)
Reply Subj: False Equivalency Alert
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First off, massively busy with stuff right now so apologies to others like zvelf who have replied to other posts of mine in this thread. I'll try and get to them as time allows and I'll sort of prioritise shorter posts in the immediate future at least.

    1. Agreeing with/Retweeting a video is not the same thing as an endorsement of the political party.

    Funny that just about everyone else on the planet, even people on the fascist side of the argument, disagree with you. David Duke and Fransen are celebrating their victory.

Well Fransen is, Trump already condemned Duke (even though he initially retweeted something from him).

    2. If a bad person* gives you good advice (and at this point I haven't seen the video so I am only guessing its content is 'beware of whats happening in Europe and don't make the same mistakes' )...its still good advice.

    The argument itself is a bad one, and is arguably based on lies in the examples it chose. Islam is not represented by one or two or three examples, but rather by the 1.8 billion people who are largely law-abiding.

I have seen video's about the videos and watched the news coverage last night. Apparently two of the three examples were legitimate while one was of a Dutch teenager (presumably non-Muslim) bullying the disabled kid.

I certainly don't agree with Britain First but the whole furore highlights we do have problems here (and massive problems in mainland Europe) because of very high levels of immigration - in particular from Islamic countries where they have values often incompatable with those of the West.

But as I said before, the problem is not immigration, its TOO MUCH immigration. I have studied this in depth and a country that takes in more than 0.1% of its population in immigrants each year starts to experience ever increasing amounts of social problems and strain on its services, housing and schools. That's even before we get to the 'ghetto-izing' of communities that happens when you import too many from one culture and they don't need to integrate into the country and simply form their own isolated communities.

    Trump just gave them a megaphone from the White House, with his millions of Twitter followers. It's an official statement from the POTUS that will be in the presidential historical records.

But (as I have previously heard described of the Left) you are ignoring the Primary issue to focus the faux-outrage on the Secondary issue.

The Primary Issue is that mass immigration (in particular from Islamic Countries) is causing major problems in Europe.

The Secondary Issue is that because the mainstream refuses to address the Primary Issue, people like Britain First gain popularity. use the analogy of comics.

The Primary Issue was that Marvel (under Alonso) were forcing their Left Wing Politics down the throats of the consumers.

The Secondary Issue is people complaining about it.

The Left will do anything to paper over the former while going nuts about the latter.

    FALSE EQUIVALENCY ALERT. 99.9% of BLM activities are peaceful and are aimed towards improving black communities and reforming the justice system. The leaders, which you can look up on Google (and not some right-wing fringe site), do not advocate violence but instead offer positive mentorship for black youths and work towards improving community relationships with the police (aka community policing). There are about six visible leaders of BLM.

    DeRay Mckesson
    Alicia Garza
    Patrisse Cullors
    Johnetta Elzie
    Marissa Johnson
    Tim DeChristopher

    Go ahead and find violent rhetoric from them.

I'll have a look (as time allows). I did see DeRay posting about how War of Planet of the Apes is racist, he probably sees racism everywhere the way you see Nazism everywhere.

I'd certainly like to hope most were well intentioned and peaceful, its difficult when you have a few hundred of them shouting (on multiple occasions and demonstrations) "Pigs in a Blanket, fry Em Like Bacon!"

    Compare that to the fascist movement of Britain First, which raid Mosques and do nothing but intimidate Muslims and immigrants.

Do they Riot in the streets?

I certainly don't agree with them entering mosques to protest (that's disrespectful) but I think its a bit strong to use the word 'raid' (having just googled the details). They entered the mosque to protest that the building had segregated entrances for women. Its stupid, distasteful and disrespectful...but AFAIK they weren't violent.

    And when did Obama endorse BLM, even if we accept your ridiculous argument against BLM? Was it because he wanted a mutual understanding between black activists and the police? when he said if he had a son he'd be exactly like Treyvon Martin?

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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