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Subj: Re: False Equivalency Alert
Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 at 02:36:02 pm CST (Viewed 599 times)
Reply Subj: Re: False Equivalency Alert
Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 at 09:07:50 am CST (Viewed 622 times)

    Well (AFAIR) I've seen two videos of (I think) different groups of BLM supporters at different times (one was a video at night and the other was during the day) chanting that slogan.

    I have seen one, and it wasn't hundreds of supporters.

Well I've seen two and one was certainly 2-300 people.

    And a movement should be judged by its intent, not by the worst people following it.

I agree and I'm still at a loss as to the function of BLM. What are they hoping to change...that accidents happen...?

...and yes I have read an article about Campaign Zero. If some of those policies led to less accidents I'd support their implementation but I don't think they will.

Are there some racists in the police force; probably yes. Are there some racists in BLM; seemingly yes. But all they are going to do by continually going on about race is create more racism and divide people further.

Same thing with Britain First...or any extremist group.

    You can look up the ideology of BLM and compare that to Britain First.

I have studied BF a little more since our last round and seems they have a number of policies that tie into the theme of ending Muslim immigration altogether. Now there are a large number of problems with Islamic immigration to the UK (and Europe in general). But I disagree with BF on the point of wholesale stopping of immigration from one community. I stand by my previous comments that anything over +0.1% of the current population per year leads to problems.

    No I mean riot. I am all in favour of peaceful protest.

    Except in the NFL.

Already said I supported their RIGHT to protest, I simply said it was hypocritical.

    Anytime they want (if they do it peacefully) and I'll support them if their protest is justified...but still waiting to hear from you what rights they don't have in America...?

    Equal protection under the law.

Which legally they already have, so you mean anecdotally.

    I support the NFL players RIGHT to protest. I simply said it was hypocritical to protest a handful of accidental/suspicious deaths by cops (who have extremely dangerous jobs)

    Statistically, garbage men have more dangerous jobs than cops.

Are you saying being a police officer ISN't Dangerous then? Is that your argument?

    while NOT protesting the THOUSANDS of deaths each year from gang violence...a gang violence that culture tends to glorify.

    Are those gangs part of the government?

Can you only protest the government?

    Either way Obama 'stirred the pot' on that one.

    Then what is Trump doing?

Putting Americans first.

    Your outrage is 10 out of 10 when Obama sneezes, but 0 out of 10 when Trump re-tweets the British equivalent of the KKK.


How many posts have I started here about stuff Obama has said/

How many posts have YOU started here about stuff Trump has said/done...quite a few.

YOUR OUTRAGE is ALWAYS at 10 out of 10, mine is like 1 out of 10 in a response to your super-mega-overdrive faux outrage.

    Oh right, you don't care. Trump can do whatever and suffer no consequence from people like you.

I care more about the Primary Issues (ie. the facts) than the 'secondary issues' (ie. the hurt feelings) of people complaining about the Primary Issues.

    It's very telling.

Keep complaining about secondary issues and ignoring the primary issues.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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