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Subj: I've missed nothing...
Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 at 12:29:01 pm EST (Viewed 354 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You're Kind Of Missing The Point, And You're Overlooking Something.
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    You seem to be arguing based on whether YOU like stories or directions.

No I'm not.

The sales are tanking at Marvel.
At least half the fans don't want anything to do with this SJW Agenda.
Alonso got fired because of this.

    That's fine, but you're saying that the company has an agenda. That's hard to prove,

Its easy to prove. You just go online and see the tweets (or in some cases interviews) from people at Marvel over the last year or two and its PLAINLY OBVIOUS the hateful Leftist/Far-Leftist agenda that's going on.

    especially as this has been going on for DECADES.

No it hasn't.

No one ever got upset when Marvel added new titles. They only started getting upset when Marvel replaced characters with diversified knock-offs.

Cheap and Lazy knock-offs don't sell, so to force their political agenda onto readers they needed to piggyback onto POPULAR characters.

    You mentioned Claremont's run being great, but he himself could have had an agenda by making the team mostly female. The same with Roger Stern having Monica lead the Avengers,

- Female characters who had their own personalities (they weren't just gender or racial mouthpieces).
- Female characters who had their own relationships (hetero relationships in a minority at Marvel now, with most of the SJW heroine's being some combination of spiteful man-haters, lesbians or pseudo lesbians)
- Female characters who were fallible (not the perfect Mary Sue's of today)
- Female characters who encountered problems (they weren't just fawned over, congratulated and told how wonderful they were by everyone)
- Female characters who were respectful of legacy heroes (and didn't act like whiny, self-entitled brats)

    or when Luke Cage joined a team,

I recently laughed at Bendis who said something to the effect of he 'put his career on the line' by putting a black man (Cage) on the Avengers...this of course being decades after black men and women had already been on the team. Talk about playing the victim.

    or when Byrne created Northstar. And so on.

Northstar who was his own character...as opposed to making a hetero hero gay...as they did with Iceman.

    And yes, people did complain back in the day. Gwen Stacy's death caused a LOT of outrage and controversy back in the day, now it's considered one of the best deaths in comics. Or when Barbara Gordon got crippled. And so on.

I don't see how the death of a supporting character compares to a near line wide agenda to replace every white alpha male lead in the company at the same time. Lol.

    Regarding the whole Diversity thing, you have to also take into account that comics don't sell like they used to. So they do have to try to appeal to readers of different races, backgrounds and cultures. Not everything these days revolves around Superman and The X-Men anymore.

There are several reasons why comic sales are dipping but the "SJW Initiative" (to give it a name) was an attempt to pursue an imaginary audience they mistakenly believed existed because of a vocal minority of whiny self-entitled SJWs on the internet.

Women are not AS interested in comics as men. You can certainly write comics FOR women, but in doing so they more than likely won't appeal to men.

Similarly, men are not interested in romance novels. You can certainly write romance novels FOR men, but in so doing they more than likely won't appeal to women.

    Finally, while I do agree with you about heroes being too dark and grim (And not having the same compunctions about killing.), if you think about it, that applied to the 80's as well. Take Miller's Daredevil, for example. Colossus killed under Claremont (More than once, too.). Captain America killed back then.

In the past did they ever kill/replace all of their white alpha male characters with diversified knock-offs all at the same time?

    Also, I did post this on the Marvel board, but very few characters can be ruined. Almost anything in superhero comics can be reversed. Look at Hal Jordan and The Scarlet Witch.

Brands can be tainted, just make it about the opposite of what it always stood for and watch the exodus begin.

SJWs ruin everything they touch.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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