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Subj: Re:The Hypocrisy
Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 at 10:38:50 am EST (Viewed 447 times)
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          I do find it telling though that we are still talking about Clinton, or some are. She has no direct political power, is not in a position of power and is reported to have no interest in going after it. Yet we are worried about what a private citizen thinks on a matter like this.

        I thought at first that it was just Trump being a sore winner. It wasn't enough that he became President, he had to continue to tear down those who didn't, or no longer were. Or it was a deflection; every time he was criticized he would go to his nearest punching bag.


          My new theory is that he doesn't want any other Dems to have a voice or build a following. Keep Obama alive in everyone's consciousness because he can't run again. Keep Hillary alive because he beat her once and thinks maybe he can again. Don't let any other Dems into the spotlight. There must be some reason he continues to slate them a year later. I doubt it has anything to do with seeking justice for their alleged wrongdoings.


        There may be something to that. Trump has consistently shown a very thin skin to everything. And even if not insulted he will call out and insult others just because.


          Clinton is a favorite scape goat because she was his foe in the election. At this point most presidents are no longer talking about the election or their opponent from over a year ago. Sore winner comes to mind.


            I know some look at it as tactics, but given the various reports over time I think Trump is just an extremely reactionary guy who likes to repeat stories over and over again. The guy cannot stay on message even if it is in his interest. Other than everybody is out to get Trump but Trump is the greatest at everything.

    I think its because its in his mind that they are looking to his potential Russian connections...so she still makes a good scapegoat to turn the focus away from him.

    He hasn't been completely terrible in all areas, and things are currently pretty decent as far as economy and such. But he also has dome some incredibly terrible things...so shift the focus to anyone else and how terrible they are works in his interests.

Yes, but is the economy on him. Given that it was already pretty decent at the end of the Obama years? What major economic policy has Trump or the GOP done to have the various gains attribute to him alone?

There was the tax cut, but that just happened in very late December. Before that the stock market was happy, but that is not a great indicator of total economic prosperity.

The economy is good, but I think we have to keep in mind that just because Trump or any president likes to take credit for things when they are good it is usually not their doing. Particularly if they have done little and taken other steps that will hurt economically down the line.

His unpopularity is very much unprecedented, same with the GOP, considering the economic state of things. Does not bode too well for them.

Also, I am not sure a current decent economy is worth losing a competent government for. More than any other group he is replacing competent individuals with yes men than do the will of corporations. Granted, all do that at varying degrees, but he is quite open about it.

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