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I think tattoos fall into the category of general appearance, and I don't agree with any sort of discrimination based on it, except for extremely rare cases. I could see facial hair interfering if your job required wearing a mask. Basically, I only agree if it directly affects job performance. I don't even agree with judging based on clothing.

To be very blunt about it, the only reasons for negative opinions about tattoos are pure ignorance. There are really no valid reasons for discrimination based on them. Nothing about a tattoo affects or is dependent upon the type of person the inked person is. Today, there isn't necessarily a criminal element to them. I've met one inked doctor, a few inked lawyers, several inked nurses, more inked teachers than I care to count.

I'm sort of guilty of discrimination too when it comes to facial tatts, but when I examine myself, I realize there's really no reason for that. Would I be the same if the person had some sort of facial blemish? Hardly. So, no big deal.

It all depends on at least two factors: the type of job and the type of artwork, mostly.

Hey, thanks for your reply but it doesn't really address the point I was trying to make. I disagree with equating things you can control (tattoos, clothing, hair length, etc) with things you can't control (age, race, sex, etc) when it comes to discrimination.

I don't think a facial blemish and a facial tattoo are in the same catergory.

I would equate tattoos more in the realm of clothing or hair length. If I interview a guy for a job wearing a bright pink suit, I think I would be justified in holding that against him if thats not the image I want my company to project. It just shows poor judgement towards what is currently acceptable in society, just like a facial tattoo. I would feel pretty insulted if the guy then tried to equate himself with someone discriminated against due to their race, for instance.

I think its important not to equate the two catergories.

thanks again for your response. Sorry if my point was unclear.