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Subj: Re: Its most likely a bleak future but I can say...
Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 at 10:45:56 am EST (Viewed 493 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Its most likely a bleak future but I can say...
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 at 12:15:49 pm EST (Viewed 512 times)


      While I am not arguing against your two examples, and higher deductible plans are the norm now, there are people with the opposite experience.

    Well...the thousands of people I work with got the same bad plan. Basically...the rich don't need it, and it helped the poor (great)...but who pays for it? The middle class as usual.

I cannot make a claim one way or another on those plans. The wealthy still get health insurance, they just can cover things easier.

I am more supportive of a system to cover everybody with or without the private market. Does not have to be a universal system, but there would at least be an option that would be funded similar to Medicaid. Folks would hate it because people do not like paying for other people to get anything in the US, but it would be one way to fix some of the issues.

That would still have deductibles and some sort of pay in though. At least I imagine.

I also think it is a matter of what people want now too. Things are more expensive in some respects, but they are also getting more coverage. Some will view that as bad and a waste, until they need it.

Pre the ACA many more people just went bankrupt outright or paid nothing for insurance that turned out to be worthless. Those sorts of predatory plans needed to go away.

And really the issue is more that we accept the current system we have more than the ACA per se. The law has its issues but just worked with the system that was already there.


      Again, I think the why is important a fair bit of the time. The coverage that insurance companies is much broader for every category now and so prices were going to go up.


        Many companies are mixed between choices with high deductibles are somewhat higher premiums based on what they have to cover. The end result is that they are fairly similar. Not sure that makes them good or bad per se.


          IMO, it is more a problem on relying on a strange market system approach to healthcare where at one point folks could get kicked from a plan. From a personal point I would wager that on average it costs more people more now but people are also getting more bang for their buck than in the past.


            Many things are just covered by insurance including health screenings and so on that have no impact on anything but co-pay.

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