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Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 02:40:44 pm EST (Viewed 489 times)
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I removed my initial reply. Your reply is fairly nasty in tone and twists a fair bit of what I say into what you want it to say. Ironically, what you have accused me of in the past.

I never said that it was ok. What the DNC did was unethical. That said, I do not think that it would have made a difference for Sanders. He still lost many primary states. The idea that he would have faired better in some may be true but it is a leap to assume it would have flipped things in my view.

Ironically, we are also discussing this. A topic that matters for internal DNC strife and so on but apparently are cool with giving Trump a pass on breaking the ethical rules of government and various other things. I mean Clinton and the DNC had a deal. That is the same as Russia being involved in our election and trying to sway it.

You made that claim, not me. You made it mockingly, but it worth pointing out that logically it does not hold up. Unless you hold that an American political party shooting itself in the foot is the same as a foreign power getting involved in a US election. Trump is the only guy that believes they were not and has done nothing about it. Nadda. I am skeptical that Trump colluded (although people around him tried at the least).

I guess one can make a case that if we are to be consistent than we have to look at every violation equally. What the DNC did was wrong. I am not sure that I would ever agree that it was to the same level as what Trump is doing from a place of actual power. You can think otherwise, but that is not seeing the forest through the trees.

I am also not sure why you love to give a pass to everybody that voted for Trump and their reasons and then bash liberals for nominating the worst candidate ever. You never hold the people voting for him accountable...

Clinton was a factor. And the baggage with her. But people picked Trump for reasons that it is not at all clear they would have jumped to Sanders for. Just look at how Trump is governing. There are reasons there are accusations of racism and various very bad things happening. I am sure those that hate political correct culture love seeing minorities and those that are different than the majority bashed and persecuted.

I am not one of them. If that is who you are saying those with left leaning ideologies should go to win back the soul of America than America was lost a while ago. Sounds nihilistic but true.

I know the topic is Clinton, but I just could not resist bringing this up. Despite the various Trump controversies I have noticed a trend of posts that are going after Clinton. And various posters are so predictable on attacking one thing but not the other it gets old.

In conclusion, hate Clinton all you want. She is done and out of it. That is fine and dandy. Not sure if you want her thrown in jail or what for this action. It was unethical for sure. Folks should get in big trouble. But at the same time, I never see you get fired up over the reverse cases. Other than blaming liberals. Apparently, in your eyes, conservatives are a lost cause and cannot be convinced of much or that liberals should just give in and become conservatives. Not sure which sometimes.

Not nearly as nasty or condescending as you usually get.
I didn't twist your words at all...lets see I said:

So tampering is ok if its for Hillary?...that's kind of a question wont affect their grades after all right? another question
And then comments about how it sounded to me.

That's not twisting your words in the least. Consider them follow up questions or explaining how I felt about the way what you said sounded. It allows you ample space to clarify...instead you took it as another chance to lecture.

You state it would not make a difference to Sanders and ignore or minimize such impacts as Her starting with all the super delegates and stating having the questions ahead of time made little or no impact.

As for giving trump a break I do hardly anything of the sort. But I am not the one stating that...hey what Trump did had no impact like you are stating what Hillary did made no impact. It's a huge distinction and one that sure makes it easier to be give Hillary a pass because , didn't do anything.

I don't reply in every post defending Trump like you seem to post in every one attacking him. I also don't attack Hillary in every post or defend her like you do in every post. You like to claim I am always giving Trump a pass...when I think its clear you always give Hillary the pass.

As for yourcomment:
you hold that an American political party shooting itself in the foot is the same as a foreign power getting involved in a US election.

I look at it like this:
Foreign powers are always going to try and muck with others governmental elections and yes they should be rebuffed when they do...but its going to happen...we do it to others.
I am stating its just as bad if not worse if our own internal political parties are subverting the US elections. The DNC did not shoot themselves in the foot...they were trying to RIG the election. They actively worked to control ~50% of the votes for the presidency (their party). These are BOTH heinous crimes...and those involved should both be locked up in jail for trying to subvert our system of government...for Trump you can add in collusion with a foreign power as well if this is found out to be true.

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